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What seems to be the common factor for the women you have on your podcast that drives them to achiev

All of the women are very different and the challenges vary a huge amount. What I’ve found to be a common factor is the desire and the passion behind these goals. They really want to do what they’re doing which is so important for anything you do in life.

If you're passionate about it, you’ll give 120% every single time. You won’t make excuses, you won’t think about problems, you’ll only think about solutions and how you can make it happen.

Everyone is different, everyone is unique and everyone loves different things and this is what makes the world so fantastic. The greatest thing is, these women have found their passions, their calling and they know 100% what it is they want to do, and what they want to achieve.

They have a dream, a vision, a goal and a plan to make it happen.

When you don’t know what you want to do, in general or in life, you just float, you drift around, never truly going after anything, and therefore never really achieving anything.

Anyone who wants to be successful needs to know what they want to be successful at. Once you have something to aim for, something to focus on - you're off! You're away - you're going after it with everything you've got.

What these women have is a goal and what I want the listeners of the podcasts to have is a goal and a dream. It doesn’t matter what the goal is as long as its important to that person.


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