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Tough Girl - Ragen Chastain - Fat activist & marathon finisher, who’s promoting health at every

Tough Girl - Ragen Chastain

Show notes from the Tough Girl Podcast

  • Ragen talks about her childhood, being an athlete, and battling with an eating disorder

  • The word “FAT” and why Ragen’s reclaiming it

  • The story behind the dances with fat blog

  • Why we should decouple the health & body size conversation

  • How you can learn to love your body and be happy, whatever your size by having gratitude for your body and what it can achieve.

  • Why she made the decision to challenge herself with a marathon - “cross finish line, get medal”

  • The “good fatty” V the “bad fatty”

“What happens if I do something that I’m not good at?”

  • The disaster of the marathon and why she wanted to quit with every single step

  • Learnings from the marathon experience and how’s she applied it to other areas of her life

  • Handling the negativity that’s been thrown at her and how she turned it around and used it to her advantage

  • Her next big goal - becoming at Ironman & the steps she's been taking to make it happen

  • Dealing with haters, & how she copes with online bullies

  • Advice for women who may be holding themselves back from going after their goals

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Ragen is on twitter @danceswithfat - I'm also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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