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Tough Girl - Lucy O’Conner - Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Boxer & Boxing Coach

Today we're speaking with Lucy O'Connor all about boxing, from the time when women were banned from taking part. It being re introduced and women being allowed to box in the 2012 London Olympics. Lucy's experience of being a member of the GB Squad and the challenges of making weight when there are only three weight classes for women.

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  • Lucy introduces herself and why she decided to join the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer

  • Her first introduction to boxing and why she loved it from the start

  • Being the only female boxer on board and training with the guys

  • Why women’s boxing was banned and she wasn’t allowed to compete at the Navy Championships

  • Having the ban on women boxing being over-turned and her first fight for the Women’s National Finals

  • Handling the negativity that comes from being a female boxer

  • Remembering back to her first time of getting into the ring to fight

  • Why the nerves disappear as soon as the bell goes

  • Fighting at the The National Championships and what she learnt from losing

  • How failure has helped her in her career

  • Understanding more about weight categories and why it does matter

  • Getting female boxers into the olympics and how it happened in London 2012

  • Having to retire from the GB Squad and why the Olympics was bitter sweet

  • Deciding on which weight category to go for and how she made the decision

  • The impact on her life and how she continued to train to be on the GB squad

  • Retiring from boxing and why she had to listen to her body

  • Looking back over the past few years and what she learnt from that time period

  • Advice for women about boxing and why you should go for it!

  • The women boxers at Rio and the rumours about the weight category changing for Tokyo 2020

  • Starting a boxing club - Poseidon

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