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Rachel Bown - PE Teacher & Triathlete who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014.

Tough Girl - Rachel Bown

Rachel is a 44 year old, Special Needs PE Teacher who loves sports and has represented Team GB at Triathlon. This is her story of how she knew something was wrong with her, but no one would listen. Eventually she stopped talking about it. She was then diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014. During the podcast we talk about how she handled the news, and how she coped with her diagnoses. What kept her positive through the challenges she faced, from emergency operations, to only being able to sit up in bed for five minutes at a time. Rachel has fought her way back to health and fitness and inspired many along the way with her story.

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Show notes

  • Where her love of sport came from and why a teacher inspired her at 11 years old to become a PE teacher

  • Quitting hockey and changing over to football

  • The changes she has seen in girls sports and why it’s changed so much over the years

  • Why she decided to leave football and try a new sport at 40 years old

  • Wanting to make the GB Triathlon Team

  • Her first triathlon, on a borrowed bike!

  • Her first Ironman, where she trained herself and just did what she thought should be doing

  • What you need to do to qualify for Team GB

  • Racing in Budapest & coming 9th in her first World Championships!

  • How her lifestyle changed going forward

  • Where her determination and focus comes from

  • Starting to have dream like episodes and having issues with her eyes

  • Being told she had a brain tumour and how she handled it

  • How quickly things moved forward

  • Why her surgeon encouraged her to exercise

  • How she remained positive during the diagnosis

  • How she came to start writing her book and why writing gave her relief

  • Having the first operation

  • Getting out in time for Christmas

  • Needing to go in for an emergency operation

  • Why she needed to ask the hard questions

  • How she got herself out of the darkness

  • Why she looked at her recovery like training

  • Having to start again

  • What she’s learned most from the whole experience

  • Heading off to Geneva 7 months later and making the most of the event

  • Getting a Gluiness World Record! Running the London Marathon in a Hippo Costume!

  • Raising money for Brain Tumour Support

  • Why she named her book - The Butterfly Within

You can read Rachel’s story - The Butterfly Within

Learn more about what the Brain Tumour Support charity does by visiting their website.

Rachel is also on Twitter @TheRachelBown

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