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Renee McGregor a leading sports and eating disorder specialist dietitian.

Renee McGregor

Whether it is working out to lose weight, training towards a marathon or playing team sport, keeping your body fuelled is a vital part of producing the best results.

And when it comes to understanding the science behind eating healthily and nutritionally to support an active lifestyle, not many people have more expertise than sports nutritionist Renee McGregor.

Renee is a qualified Dietitian and she says, "I'm passionate about nutrition and enjoy making the science simple and practical to follow; no fads, no feelings of deprivation, just sensible dietary solutions.”

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Show notes

  • Renee introduces herself and shares more about her experiences

  • Woking with the women & mens fencing & basketball wheelchair teams

  • Heading over to Rio to support the teams. What’s its like over there and dealing with the difficult conditions such as the heat and lack of good quality food

  • Getting balance with the athletes and how to help them with distractions

  • Why it's not about #cleanfood and why its more important to use food as fuel

  • Stress, food and the importance of building mental resilience from a young age

  • Rituals with food and how it can lead to extreme behaviour

  • Eating disorders with a focus on athletes

  • Periods and how missing more than three periods in a row can impact on bone health

  • Why women should talk about periods more and why its important from a health point of view

  • How to get the balance between periods, health, and performance

  • Positively Primal: Finding Health and Happiness in a Hectic World By Emma Woolf

  • Why its important to listen to your body!

  • Should you be on the pill? Should you merge your pill?

  • Why common sense is still so important

  • Why balance and moderation is important and why it can be difficult to do

  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

  • How you can lose the ability to moderate consumption and what to do about it

  • Advice for women who think things have gone too far and why they may need to dial it back

  • Why you should seek help

  • Final worlds of advice and why you need to be kind to yourself!

Learn more about Renee by visiting her website and following her on twitter @mcgregor_renee