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7 Challenges in 2017

7 Goals in 2017

Where's this year gone?! I have no idea… it’s just flown by!! It’s now December almost the middle of December and Christmas is just around the corner followed by the New Year !!!

For the past few years, I’ve been setting myself 20 goals each year. But I've struggled to complete them, so this year I’ve gone for a change and have decided to go after a smaller number of goals. 7 to be exact! It seemed to fit well with 2017.

I will be revealing all 7 of my goals at the end of the year via a blog post and podcast - but I wanted to reach out to you and challenge you to come up with your own 7 goals.

The key thing here is to make them really personal and specific to you. It does not matter what the challenges are as long as they excite and motivate you!!

7 Top Tips

  1. Get a blank piece of paper and a pen. Find somewhere quiet and peaceful where you won’t get disturbed.

  2. Set a timer on your phone for 10 mins - GO!!

  3. Start writing down every goal you can think of. It does not matter, if its crazy or outlandish or there’s no way for you to achieve it, just write them down! Go for a mixture; life, career, relationships, personal, work, physical - mix it up!

  4. After the buzzer goes off you should be left with lots of goals to choose from.

  5. Now pick your favourite 7, the ones that stand out and excite you.

  6. This next step is the most important you have to share your goals with someone else. You have to put them out there on social media - this is to help make you accountable and this will also increase your chances of achieving your goals.

  7. Now create your own vision board and put a list of your goals up where you can see them every day!!

Good luck!!

Tweet me your goals @_TOUGH_GIRL

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