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How I Afford to Blog & Podcast....

One of the biggest questions I get asked, is how do I afford to do what I do?

To be honest, I’m very lucky; I live at home with my parents, I don’t pay rent, fuel or contribute towards food or bills. This has to be the biggest reason why I’m able to blog and podcast for Tough Girl Challenges.

When I started in December 2014 I still had savings and was able to pay for equipment, setting up the website, getting business cards and leaflets printed. I was careful with how I spent my money and really only spent it on Marathon des Sables equipment or things I needed for the website.

Since I stopped the traditional 9 to 5 job, I haven’t bought clothes or shoes (apart from trainers for the MDS - I needed 2 pairs!), rather I’ve been getting rid of old work clothes and shoes and selling them on eBay (Bye - Bye Louboutins) but I’d rather have the cash and invest it back into Tough Girl Challenge, than have a pretty pair of shoes in my wardrobe!

Other work

In order to generate income and have cash coming in, I do numerous other jobs on an ad hoc basis. I’m a regional interviewer for Camp America, I sell silk top hats at Ascot during Royal Ascot. I’ve worked for the National Citizen Service as a Team Leader running their summer and Autumn programs. I get paid for my motivational talks and when people purchase the books I’ve self published through Amazon. (Buy now!)

This is by no means a sob story - I’m hugely lucky to be doing what I do and as I write this, I realise just how happy I am and what a fabulous day I’ve had! I woke up at 5.30 am so excited as I wanted to start work on the “7 Women - 7 Challenges” Campaign I'm running in 2017. I started to design and create all the cover artwork, as well as writing individual blog pieces for each of the women.

This is a passion and something I feel very strongly about. I've been doing it for two years without making money, because I love what I do. It actually costs me money to produce the podcast and to put episodes out on a weekly basis.

A podcast is huge amount of work; from researching, recording, editing, writing show notes, creating social media content, engaging on social media, the list goes on and on and it is just me and I do everything myself.

I’ve tried to go down the sponsorship route with limited success. I had one sponsor for two episodes but that was that, now I’ve had so many rejections and haven’t made any progress I need to look at other ways of being able to make money.

The difference Patreon has made

Over the past few months I have been blown away by the number of people who are supporting me financially through patreon and contributing each a small amount each month.

It’s grown from $9 a month (which paid for Auphonic) to $187 a month, which means the running costs are now close to being paid.

I’m not making money, but at least I’m not losing money each month!

My hope is, funding from Patreon will continue to grow as more supporters come onboard, which will give me the opportunity to purchase new equipment, as well as starting to pay myself a living wage.

So far, 32 people have decided to take action, commit and donate a contribution each month. If you enjoy the tough girl podcast, if you listen to the tough girl podcast each week. If you’ve been on this journey with me from the start then please do become a patron.

Yes I want to support and become a Patreon!

You’ve made an awesome decision and I can’t tell you what a massive difference your monthly sponsorship will make!!

Do it! Do it right now!!

Thank you!!

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