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AnnMaria De Mars - 4 daughters, 4 degrees, 2 companies, 1 World Judo Championship!

AnnMaria began practicing judo at the age 12 and it changed the direction of her life. She found her passion and her calling, and by age 19 she was winning National Competitions. Not only was she training and competing in Judo, at the highest level, she also raised four daughters and managed to achieve her Bachelors, her Master, her PHD, and an MBA!

During this podcast, we learn more about AnnMaria, her drive, her ambition, and why she continues to push the boundaries, and to go after what she wants. AnnMaria talks about what it takes to be a champion and why not everyone will have that drive and determination. She shares more of her life growing up, spending time in Japan, and her passion behind education and why she wants to encourage more children to reach higher.

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Show notes

  • About AnnMaria; BA, MA, PHD, MBA, mother of 4 and founder of numerous tech companies!

  • Growing up and how judo and maths have made a huge difference in her life

  • Being dropped off at the YMCA and told to join something!

  • How Judo was the only choice for her and what it was like being a female doing judo

  • How she learned to ignore the haters and the negative comments

  • Spending time over in Japan whilst being a poor college student

  • Her first big tournament, and going on to win National Championships, US Nationals, and why she had to fight close to home

  • Entering her early twenties and being able to afford to travel and fight internationally

  • Having a baby instead of going to the World Championships

  • The thoughts that go through her head before stepping onto the mat to fight

  • Mental strategies she would use before fights and why she would visualise winning

  • Why you have to combine visualisation with training!

  • The final of the World Championships and why it was the toughest fight of her career

  • Dealing with knee issues throughout her whole career

  • Her philosophy for Judo

  • Her mumisms - “No one has the right to beat you”

  • There’s a difference between, being tough and being a bitch.

  • Why champions always do more

“You have to be good enough to win the World Championships on your worst day”

  • Getting over the death of her husband, while having 3 young children

  • How she balanced; children, education, sports and a job and why it does come down to setting your own priorities

  • Advice and tips for young people who want to get to the top of their game and why its ok to not want to go to the top

  • Why she tries to talk children out of Judo and why she wants them to focus on education

  • Having 4 daughters and why they had to play a sport and get good grades at school

  • How she’s seen sexism change over the years and why she thinks the bar is still set high for women

  • Her plans for the future and some final words of advice!

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