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Justine Curgenven - Sea Kayaker & One of the Top Living Explorers in the UK!

Justine lives in Wales, is 43 years old and started kayaking 12 years ago with a local canoe club. When she was at university Justine loved team sports and represented England in hockey, only discovering walking, mountain biking and kayaking when she left university. She started a career in television at about the same time she discovered kayaking, and she soon gave up her job to pursue sea kayaking adventures and film them to make a living.

Following her passion, was challenging and difficult for the first four years - people refused to believe that sea kayaking could be exciting! Justine soon changed their minds once they saw her movies. Justine is an avid and accomplished sea kayaker and has explored many of the world’s best paddling spots - New Zealand, Newfoundland, Norway, Tasmania, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Alaska, California...the list goes on!


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Show notes

  • How she discovered the outdoors and fell in love with the mountain

  • The challenges she faced of wanting to follow her passion

  • Why it did come down to luck and her determination

  • How she came to make her first sea kayaking video

  • Remembering the important first steps and why she learnt to ask for what she wanted

  • Why its important to share your goals and why you need to give 100% to your goals

  • The expeditions that have stood out for Justine and why she kept upping the challenge after every adventure.

  • Taking on the Aleutian Islands, “the birth place of the winds” with Sarah Outen

  • Why she decided to say yes the adventure and why for her attitude is more important than skill

  • Being told the crossings they wanted to do were impossible! (It wasn’t!)

  • Being prepared to give it a go and being prepared to work hard and to wait for the weather

  • 5 months for the planning and training

  • Dealing with the long crossings and how she keeps on going

  • The addictive feeling from from being on an adventure

  • Dealing with the fear and worry in your head

  • Mental tricks she uses while out Kayaking

  • What she’s learnt from making mistakes

  • Dealing with fear and how she turns it into action

  • Future challenges!

  • Focusing more on - Fun, Family & Friends!

  • Why she named her company - Cackle TV!

  • Advice for women who want to get into Sea Kayaking

Connect with Justine - Visit her website & say hi to Justine on Twitter @cackletv

Listen to Sarah Outen on the Tough Girl Podcast! Click the play button below!

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