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Tough Girl Daily - 11th April - Special Guest Stacey Copeland!

Stacey was brought up at her family boxing gym and spent many happy hours down there from a young age learning how to box, and she would happily spar with the boys not knowing any different.

It was only as she got older, she was made aware how unusual her passion for boxing was. She’d wanted to take boxing to the next level, but because boxing was illegal for women, she had to put her dream on hold and instead decided to follow her other passion, football.

In 2017 Stacey has had the opportunity to turn professional and she has decided to go for it. You can learn more about her reasons why, her motivations and who she wants to inspire.


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Show notes

  • Catching up with Stacey

  • Deciding to turn professional

  • Not being motivated by money

  • Dealing with injury

  • Putting on weight and being out of shape

  • Having her spirit crushed and needing a big goal to motivate her

  • Her reasons of why she wanted to turn pro

  • Getting a 2nd degree chemical burn and not being helped

  • Dealing with the pain

  • Having her dreams crushed

  • Having pictures taken to help her remember what she was feeling

  • Flying the flag for girls in her sport

  • Coming from a boxing family

  • Getting her fire back for boxing

  • Training with her coach Blaine

  • Her first fight.. coming up on May 27th

  • Dealing with Trolls on Twitter

  • Messages of support and why it’s making a difference

  • Dealing with Piers Morgan on twitter

  • Empowering each other

  • New trailer about her Fathers life - One Punch The Eddie Copeland Story

  • Championing other women


You can also listen to Stacey on the Tough Girl Podcast as she shares more of her story and journey into boxing


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