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Part 5 - Show notes! 7 Women - 7 Challenges 2017

At the start of 2017 after feedback from the Tough Girl Tribe. I started 7 Women - 7 Challenges.

Throughout the year I will be interviewing 7 women as we follow them on their journey of going after their own personal challenges.

We will learn what really has to happen for people to achieve their goals, we will hear about their frustrations, disappointments, set backs, as well as their successes and achievements.

It is real stories, from real women, living real lives.

This is part 5


You can listen to Part 1 - Now!

1st January 2017

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12th February 2017

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2nd April 2017

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28th May 2017

Listen to Part 5 Now!

23rd October 2017


Order - Each part is about 30 mins

Rachel Wise

Rae Red

Laura Try

Jen Dykxhoorn

Jo Jo Rogers

Georgie Akin-Smith

Gemma Smith



Rachel Wise

  • From the

  • Being in St Lucia in the Caribbean

  • Leaving Switzerland on the 2nd August

  • The run up to getting on the road

  • Dealing with bad news and being in limbo

  • Saying goodbye to everyone

  • Deciding what to do and figuring out what was best for everyone

  • Heading to America for a road trip!

  • Wild camping

  • Why things started to change once they got to Utah

  • Catching up with friends and homeschooling the girls

  • How the girls are adjusting to life on the road

  • How Rachel is finding it all…

  • Being together all of the time

  • Holiday or lifestyle?

  • Money!

  • Spending time with the family

  • The main learning so far

  • The plans for the next few months

  • What a typical day is like

  • Meeting people

  • Shout out to the blog!

  • The website -

You can read about Rachel’s family’s adventures at!


Rae Read

  • Due date in 2 weeks!

  • Being pregnant over the summer!

  • Exercising while pregnant?

  • Loving walking!

  • Getting a puppy!

  • 7 minute HIIT training

  • Mental health?

  • Disconnecting emotionally with the pregnancy

  • Pregnancy depression

  • This is how I feel

  • Speaking to Matt about it all

  • Making new friends

  • Dealing with loneliness

  • Are you sure that’s of for the baby?

  • The pressure

  • What she has learnt over the past few months?

  • The plan over the coming weeks

  • Blogging about her experience @


Laura Try

  • What a difference a couple of months can make

  • Needing to raise the final £2,000

  • Making a video and sharing it on Facebook

  • 16 hours to go!!

  • Leaving the marina

  • What’s going through her mind?

  • Relax your mind

  • The first few days…

  • Being on the water for 56 days…

  • Feeling uncomfortable at the start

  • A typical day.. starting from midnight

  • Rowing for 2 hours on, 2 hours off every day

  • The biggest challenge she had to face

  • The day from hell

  • Keeping a video diary

  • What she enjoyed most?

  • Why it was the best thing she has ever done

  • Reality….

  • Why it was the people who made the challenge so incredible

  • Laughing herself to happiness

  • Getting off the boat

  • What’s changed since the challenge?

  • Depression

  • Being Real - Laura is back

  • Raising money for Centre Point

  • Training to row across the Atlantic!

  • Follow Laura on her social media channels @LTFactor

Connect with Laura - Facebook, twitter, Youtube, and visit her website


Jen Dyxhoorn

  • Running an ultra marathon in June

  • Eventful and challenging few months

  • Being humbled by the experience & why it was also a confidence boost

  • The self talk… while running by herself

  • The moments that stood out for her…. awful & amusing!

  • Having a low key summer in preparation for LEJOG

  • Getting to the start!

  • Wild camping during the trip-the pro’s and the con’s

  • Getting use to cycling the distances everyday

  • What she learned on the way and the changes that needed to be made

  • Having nothing left in the tank

  • Cycling with her sister

  • Comparisons is the thief of joy

  • The Adventure Race!

  • Everyday magic goals!

  • Balance in her life?

  • Getting back into her London life

You can follow Jen’s adventures at, or on Twitter @jendykxhoorn and Instagram @lovelyoutlier

Follow her Sister - Karen Dykxhoorn on Instagram @hopefulgoat & twitter @hopefulgoat


Jo Jo Rogers

  • Catching up with Jo Jo

  • The summer months spend working at a running camp

  • Running with the children and having her training take a back seat

  • Inspiring the girls who are new to running

  • Coach - I want to get better, I want to become a better runner

  • Tips and tricks for women who want to get into running

  • Getting the shoes right!

  • Recovering from injury

  • Running a night time 50K in 102 degrees!

  • Coming in 1st female!

  • Dealing with bugs!!

  • Update on goals

  • Running the fastest 50K for women over 50 in the USA

  • Focusing on core work

  • The December race and why she’ll be giving it everything she’s got!

  • Speed work!

  • Meeting Jo Jo at the end of the Appalachian Trail

  • Not knowing my tail name!

  • Coming down the trail….

  • Crying on the trail!!

  • Let’s just go!

  • THANK YOU JO JO!!! Food & goodies!!

  • Road trip to Boston

  • Eating!

  • 9th December!

  • Why it is not about the goal


Georgie Akin-Smith

  • Being on the quest to complete 12 challenges in 12 months

  • What she’s been up to;100k cycle ride with a friend, doing a Tough Mudder with her family, running a half marathon

  • Making June into a recovery month and taking a few weeks off

  • Changing her challenges and trying to still fit in work, friends and pay for them

  • The pressure we put on ourselves

  • Enjoying it more because the pressure was off

  • Cycling 100 K with a friend and why it was a confidence boost

  • Hot shower & tea!

  • The family Tough Mudder challenge!

  • Would she do it again?!

  • Why you should give it ago!

  • Marathon training…

  • Working with a coach….

  • How she is feeling mentally about the marathon which is coming up

  • 18 mile long run!

  • Still enjoying herself?

  • Future challenges to finish off the year

  • Running or cycling?

  • How is the blogging going?

  • Having structure and focus during the year and why she’s liked it

Georgie is blogging about her challenges at


Gemma Smith

  • Everything and nothing has been happening!

  • Forcing herself to leave work on time and saying no

  • Wanting to do more training and more exercise

  • Dealing with housemate issues

  • Understanding where her limits are by walking on the Thames Stone Path

  • The climbing academy experience - what it was like

  • Focus on high altitude medicine

  • Gamal Bag

  • Flying out to the Alps for 2 weeks

  • 9 days with a guide

  • Horrific weather….

  • Why there is no guarantee

  • Money

  • The unknown factors in adventures

  • Getting through the disappointment

  • Stepping stones and working towards bigger long term goals

  • What she did with the guide

  • £6k - £10K

  • Plans for the coming months…

  • Working on her climbing grade - 6A - 6A+

  • Doing pull ups on rings

  • Follow along on her blog -

Gemma is on Instagram @GemLaurenSmith & also on Twitter @GemlaurenSmith


Future Episode

Part 6 - 31st December


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