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Part 4 - 6 Months after finishing the Appalachian Trail - Being interviewed for "Mighty Blue on

At the age of 61 Steve Adams "Mighty Blue" hiked the Appalachian Trail. It was a life changing event for him and he followed up his passion for the Appalachian Trail by starting a podcast.

Mighty Blue interviews guests exclusively about the Appalachian Trail. If you are thinking of hiking the Appalachian Trail this is a fantastic resource and you'll be inspired by the variety of different guests who are out there hiking the trail.

I've spoke to Steve four times; before I started, half way through,after the challenge was completed and 6 months after the finish of the trail



Part 1 - Before the challenge had even started! (Episode 36)

Part 2 - The "catch-up," at Day 51 on the trail, starts at about 31 minutes.

Part 3 - The end of the challenge! Recorded 2 days after the finish!

Part 4 - Catching up in 2018 - 6 months after finishing the trail - starts at about 30 mins!


Find out more about Mighty Blue and visit his website here


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