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PCH & Baja Divide - Challenge Update

What life is going to be like over the next 3 months

Still lots to do - but here is a brief update!

  • Accommodation has been booked for Canada 4th - 10th September (It’s going to cost CAD385/GBP£219- I’m going to put this amount in a savings account so I know this has been paid for)

  • Cost of travel from the airport to accommodation is either CAD $8.75 by train and takes about 40 minutes. Or a taxi will cost about $35 plus tip, approx 30 minutes.

  • Graduation - my Masters graduation is taking place on the 12th of December. I’m going to postpone this until next year, as realistically it’s going to be too much of a rush to get back to the UK at this point. I could finish my trip on the 10th, but this then gives me no down time in Mexico which is something I really want!

  • Next question I need to figure out is whether or not I come back to the UK for Christmas or go straight to Australia and have Christmas with my bother and his family….. I’m still debating this one. I’m going to head to Australia at the end of December/ begining of January anyway. It’s just the question of whether I come home for Christmas or not… I also have a friend in Mexico who I could potentially do Christmas and NY with… before flying to Australia…

  • Flights - I also need to look at the approx. costs of plane tickets

  • Mexico - UK - Australia

  • Mexico - Australia (I think I will probably need to fly to LA first to get a connecting flight to Melbourne)

  • At this moment I’m not sure what my plans are for after Australia (I can stay a maximum of 90 days (with a travel visa) - although I don’t want to overstay my welcome with family - so probably a maximum of 2 months!).

This is the difficult bit as it’s difficult to know what’s going to be happening with Tough Girl Challenges, with patron numbers, with my health (after the big trip - will I be destroyed or will I be ok), will I need recovery time, or can I go off and do another challenge?

I also don’t know what other opportunities may become available in the future, plus I don’t know how the vlogs are going to go, if I can get them right and on a regular schedule, my youtube channel could increase and I could start earning more income from Youtube, which may again increase my options over what I can do.


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