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Update on Challenge Preparation.

What life is going to be like over the next 3 months

A few days ago I really didn’t feel as though I was making any progress at all in anything - not in my dissertation, not in podcasting and not in the planning for the PCH and Baja Divide. To be honest, I was getting very overwhelmed by everything that I had going on, so much so, I just stopped. I didn’t know where to start, or what to start on. I just kept going round and round in circles. Which obviously does nothing at all, apart from making me more annoyed at myself for not just getting on with it and I know what I needed to do. I just had to pick one item from the never ending to do list and just do it!! Simple right!!!

After wasting 2 days, I knew enough was enough. I had to take massive action and get things movings in the right direction. I also needed to say no to requests (for interviews, blogs, collaborations etc) as I just can’t at the moment. I always want to do them, but not this time, I can’t commit my time, as the opportunity costs are too great.

So - I have taken massive action...

Flights - to Australia booked! I’m flying into Melbourne on the 23rd December and will be spending Christmas and New Year with my brother and his family. This was my biggest expense so far! £1353. But at least it is booked, and another items crossed off my to do list. (I’m flying with Delta - if anyone has any spare air- miles and wants to upgrade me to Business, that would be a fabulous Christmas present!!)

Insurance - This was a lot harder that I was expecting, trying to find insurance to cover me for cycling and off road mountain biking, for this length of time, while going into 3 countries was frustrating. Most insurance companies had a limit of 90 days, and looking at their annual insurance packages, the maximum each trip could be was 45 days. I was getting quotes for between £600 & £800 which was a total no go. I’d budgeted for about £150. In the end I went with Insure and Go for £209 as they did cover everything I needed and was the most reasonable!

Bike - Found a bike and helmet in the shed, which was old (vintage GTI), with flat tyres, took it to get serviced, got new brakes, tyres pumped up new cables (£55) - but at least I have a bike to practice on outside!

Visa - Visa for Canada arranged (CAD $7/£4), and Visa for Australia sorted (Free). I can’t do my Mexico visa in advance I need to do it when I cross the border.

Equipment - I’ve ordered a GPS Garmin eTrex 20 (£160), Exped dry bags x4 (£35), gel seat cover - for training on the watt bike (£10), Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Light (£25).

Money - I’ve spend so far - £1,847 - which leaves me with very little until I get funds in from Patreon on the 5th August. I will then have August and September patreon funds, which will go towards the bike (unless I find a bike sponsor - if you know of anyone let me know!), bags for the bike, and living costs while on the road in September (I’m hoping just food costs really and I want to either camp, or make use of friends & hosts from

Research - I’ve watched all of Ryan Van Duzer - Bike Packing the Baja Divide Vlogs

Training - I’ve started back with my PT - Chris Thomas. The focus in more on my glutes and hip flexors and stretching (I need to do at least 20 mins every day). I’m doing one session with Chris a week and 2 x 1 hour sessions on the watt bike for the first 2 weeks. I have been planning on going to yoga 3x a week, but so far, I haven’t managed to make this happen - but I need to start, as its going to be key to making sure my body doesn’t seize up.

Podcast - I’ve booked in 13 interviews (between the 11th and 15th July), I’ve recorded and edited 2 podcasts. I need to book in another 4 interviews to get me to the end of the year.

Friday Blog Posts - I’ve uploaded Friday blog posts until the first week of September! An example of what's going to be coming out!

Drone - I really want/need a drone, the footage would be epic down the Pacific coast and of Baja. I’ve done more research and found out I can get a 10% discount with DJI for being a student. With the discount the Spark Drone - (Fly more combo) would cost £521.10 - which I just don’t have at the moment.

There is still a lot more which need to be done. Such as the Bike!! I also need to sort out a tent - trying to get a tent company to lend me one!! Not having much luck at the moment. But I will keep on trying.

The next big expenses will be

- Bike - maybe Trek 1120 ?

- Bags for the bike - but can't get these until I know the bike

- Equipment for the bike! e.g. Micro Floor Drive HV (pump) $45, Leatherman Squirt PS4 $33, Voile straps $8-$10-

- Lock e.g Ottolock $65-75 Tent -

- SD cards for filming

- 2L water bags X2

- Sawyer mini filter

- Giro’s DND gloves $25

- Case to protect my laptop - not sure which one?

- Case to protect my kindle

- Solar charger e.g. Anker’s PowerPort Solar or Dynamo

Bike packing is so much more expensive than hiking!


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