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5 Reasons Why Everything is Possible from Aerialist Jen Bricker Born Without Legs

Born without legs and put up for adoption, Jen Bricker was given one simple rule: Never say can’t. Jen has lived her life by those words becoming an accomplished acrobat and aerialist. She’s travelled the world on tour with Britney Spears and headlined at the prestigious Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, New York’s Lincoln Center and the Shangri La Hotel in Dubai.

In 2016, Jen published her New York Times Bestseller, Everything is Possible, on her journey to finding the faith and courage to follow her dreams. Jen was incredibly generous to share her story with the Tough Girl Podcast and teach us exactly why everything is possible.

Everything is Possible with a Supportive Community

Growing up, Jen never realised her life wasn’t exactly normal. She had a fantastic childhood filled with love and encouragement. She climbed trees and played like any other child. She didn’t live in a secluded environment hidden in the world. With a supportive community in her family, friends, and teachers, Jen had a childhood of love, encouragement, and adventure.

When you’re looking to do the impossible, find a supportive community to surround yourself with. No matter what kind of community you’re in now, go out and cultivate that support to bring more confidence and empowerment into your life.

Everything is Possible with No Limits

When Jen came to her family and told them with all the confidence in the world that she wanted to play softball, volleyball, and even go rollerskating, her parents said ok. There was always a way from putting rollerskates on Jen’s hands to owning the back of the volleyball court. The response was never negative. Jen’s dreams weren’t challenged or discouraged.

Jen started beginner tumbling classes in first grade and when she started seeing gymnastics on TV, the passion grew deeper and deeper. She decided she was going to the Olympics as a young girl. Nothing was ever off limits. She had to figure out different ways to do things, but she could always do something.

Do the impossible your own way. Play to your strengths and make it work. For any challenge you face, all you have to do is learn how to be creative and figure it out.

Everything is Possible with a Teaching Moment

At 19 years old, Jen moved away from her home and support system to work an internship at Disney World. Interacting with thousands of people every day was her first reality check of how people viewed her. People from other generations and countries had a lot less tact than the people she grew up with. Jen had a huge wake up call learning how people see her.

Today, Jen loves travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. Jen learned to understand why people think certain things and just don’t know any better. The biggest challenge for Jen was keeping her emotions together because she’d get so irritated when people judged her based on their assumptions. Jen realized that each of these moments was a teaching opportunity. She learned how to calm her irritation, listen to people, communicate with them, and use those teaching moments to shift mindsets.

When the judgements of others are keeping you down, take advantage of teaching moments. Find small ways to show just what you can do to others and move on with your life.

Everything is Possible When You Take a Chance

Jen’s aerial career took off very early with an act on the highest-grossing tour in the world with Britney Spears. Performing incredible aerial acts in front of tens of thousands of people, Jen decided nothing would ever be that intimidating. Because this experience happened in the beginning of her career, Jen’s confidence skyrocketed. She knew that she would either fail miserably or rise to the pressure and succeed in this career path.

Everything was new being on tour. Being on the road, getting VIP access, living the entertainment culture was insane. Before every show, Jen would find a quiet corner, pray, and visualize every piece of her performance.

Everything is Possible If You Believe in Your Gifts

Jen’s final word of advice for us was that we all have something to bring to the table. We all have gifts, talents, and abilities that we were born with on purpose. There’s power in that to change someone’s life. Every one of us can be inspirational to someone. No one’s talents or gifts is any more important. We are all equal and we all have that beautiful, pure power to change someone’s life. You matter. The gifts and desires of your heart are there for a reason. You just have to believe it.

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