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Adelaide Goodeve - Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and going on to become an Ironman!

Tough Girl - Meike Stones  “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

Adelaide suffered with moderately severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - CFS/ME) for 3 years, along with other chronic conditions. Her life was transformed in 3 days with with the powerful combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming, life coaching and hypnosis. During this podcast we learn more about Adelaide and the personal journey she has been on to rebuild her life, and get back to full health and fitness. Adelaide has gone on to build her own adventure brand, and has started the podcast - The Lilly Wild Show where she interviews other adventurers, and game changers! This year she went on to complete her first Ironman - a gruelling test of endurance that pushed her both mentally and physically!


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Show notes

  • Being ill for 4 years from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Being in a loop of tiredness

  • Starting from zero

  • Being an only child

  • Sports at school

  • Coming out into endurance sports…

  • Where did the love of adventure come from

  • Getting into the Arctic

  • Explorers Connect

  • The drive to recover

  • Taking a gap year and spending time travelling in South America, India

  • The mental toll of being ill

  • Turning to alternative methods to get better

  • What is the lightening process?

  • Live a life you love!

  • The power you have over yourself and the power of Du

  • Becoming well again and how the people around her reacted

  • Where the idea for an Ironman came from

  • Getting her coach onboard

  • The physical training

  • Using the App - Training Peaks

  • What she struggled with…

  • Why nutrition is so important when training

  • The mental preparation involved

  • Her favourite thing about the brain

  • Running with Rich Roll!

  • Being super chilled at the start of the race!

  • Doing affirmations

  • Her first Ironman!

  • Being able to draft during the swim

  • Dark moments!

  • Having her brain drained of energy

  • Rocket Fuel!!!

  • Waiting for it to sink in

  • Will she do it again?

  • Crazy Extreme Triathlons in 3 years time!

  • The Lilly Wild Podcast - what you can expect

  • Advice to getting back on your feet

  • Starting with Google!

Instagram handle: @adelaidegoodeve Facebook: AdelaideGoodeve Website:


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