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Brigitte Muir, professional mountaineer & first Australian woman to climb Mount Everest!

Abbi Naylor - Expedition Leader. Outdoor Instructor. Adventurer & Endurance Athlete who completed 30 challenges to celebrate turning 30 in 2018!

Brigitte, is a Belgian-born Australian mountain climber. Her climbing career spanned over thirty years.

In 1997, she became the first Australian woman to summit Mount Everest and the first Australian, male or female, to climb the Seven Summits (the highest summit on each of the continents).

Her nine year quest, which included four dramatic attempts on Mount Everest, gives her a unique insight on achieving long term goals, and on maintaining personal motivation.

After her career in mountaineering and adventure, Brigitte became a film maker and an inspirational speaker.

Brigitte has also written an autobiography The Wind in My Hair which is a tale of true heroism, courage and an unconquerable determination.

She now leads community building treks in her beloved village of Lura in Eastern Nepal, where she started a women’s literacy and empowerment program.


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Show notes

  • Growing up in Belgium

  • Her parents

  • Being inspired by Tin Tin

  • The turning point in her life being inspired by her teacher.

'Il faut vivre ses reves et non rever sa vie.'

'We must live our dreams, not dream our lives’.

  • Joining a caving club at 16!

  • Her first experience in a cave and why she felt so safe and comfortable

  • How her journey evolved and why people are so important

  • Meeting boys and going climbing in Canada

  • Working at the supermarket to save money

  • Finishing university and what happened next

  • Moving to Australia and living in a tent

  • Not having any idea what she wanted to do

  • Taking it one expedition at a time

  • The low point of her lifestyle

  • Struggling to make friends after moving to Australia

  • The last mountain she climbed in 1999

  • Losing a loved one in the mountains

  • Why it was time for something else

  • Deciding to focus on other challenges and going through a divorce

  • Having a mountaineering career which spanned 30 years

  • Talking about money

  • Mental grit and mental resilience

  • Beyond the Smile - where it comes from

  • Plans for 2019

  • Starting with Patreon

  • Advice and top tips


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