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Caroline Elliott - French Search and Rescue - Mountain rescue with avalanche dog 'Fjord'

Caroline has spent over 10 years working in ski patrol rescue and most recently as a SAR (Search and Rescue) dog handler. She is passionate about ski touring and generally being outside in nature. She enjoys sharing her professional experience with others, helping to train adults and youngsters in snow awareness so they can go out and enjoy the mountains to the full.

During this podcast we will learn more about Caroline and how her love for skiing grew and what path she choose to get to where she is now, from training over in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia, to following a man to France where she is now based, and doing what she loves.

Caroline talks about her passion for the mountains, and what her role is like on a day to day basis, as well as the emotional toll working search and rescue can have. Caroline is also working on getting the message out regarding health and safety on the mountains and provides tips and advice to help you when you’re over there.


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Show notes

  • Being based in the Pyrenees

  • Her job titles

  • Her dog Fjord

  • How she got to France

  • Spending time in an Australian Ski Resort

  • Having to get re-qualified in France

  • Learning to ski when she was 10 years old

  • Her love of skiing

  • Going to study Germany and being a freestyle skier

  • Breaking her leg in Austria and not being put off

  • Working in Austria as a ski instructor

  • Dealing with her fear of going skiing again

  • What she loves about skiing

  • Why she wanted to become part of the ski rescue team

  • What it’s like on a day to day basis

  • Being trained in snow observations

  • Bombing the slopes

  • Dealign with avalanches

  • Being caught in an avalanche

  • Working with her dog Fjord

  • Why she decided to call her do Fjord

  • What they will do, if there is an avalanche

  • How she stayed focused while working in high stress situations

  • Dealing with the emotions both positive and negative and why sometimes you need to take a step back

  • Her pet hates on the mountains

  • Advice and tips for the mountains

  • Why it’s important to know your own level

  • Follow your gut instinct

  • Working in a male dominated environment

  • Why she is moving into the educational side

  • Teaching children safety in the mountains

  • How she has developed her own mental resilience

  • Taking her ski test

  • What she has leant over the past 10 years being a female and a foreigner

  • French men…

  • Top tips for you in the mountains


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