Rhiane Fatinikun - Founder of Black Girls Hike UK and Tales of a Hiker.

September 10, 2020

Black Girls Hike (BGH) is a safe space for black women to enjoy the outdoors and be themselves without feeling judged or misunderstood.  It's is about removing barriers and challenging stereotypes and reinforcing the message that the outdoors is for everyone.
In Rhiane’s words:
Created in 2019, Black Girls Hike UK is an organisation that offers a safe space for black women to explore the outdoors. We know that the outdoors is great for mental and physical health but it’s not very inclusive. 
For many black women, getting outdoors can feel intimidating especially when you don’t see people you identify with. 
That’s why BGH was created; to empower black women to feel comfortable outdoors and create a community and sisterhood. 
We believe representation matters and aim to diversify all aspects of the outdoors.
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Show notes

  • Who is Rhiane

  • Feeling the pressure of going to university

  • Going to Open University 

  • Struggling to know what to do

  • Wanting to work in international development

  • What childhood was like

  • Being in every sports team

  • Starting to play rounders again

  • Getting into walking in 2019

  • Taking the first step into hiking

  • Setting up an Instagram account for Black Girls Hike 

  • The 5 best walks around Manchester 

  • Not knowing what she was doing

  • The support of family and friends 

  • Her love for getting outdoors

  • How Black Girls Hike has evolved

  • Having a Midlands and London BGH group

  • Having over 100 people attending a walk

  • Being overwhelmed by the numbers 

  • The lack of Black women role models in hiking

  • Balancing a full time job with building the BGH community

  • The dream for BGH and becoming a non profit

  • Training up the regional leaders in Low Land Leader Qualifications

  • Favourite walks

  • Black Girls Hike - Snowdon Challenge!

  • Tales of a hiker

  • Doing an instameet up with @beckythetraveller 

  • Dream hikes….

  • Helping to build confidence in other women who come hiking

  • Being nominated for a National Diversity Award

  • Fundraising Black Girls Hike Healing Retreat

  • Dealing with racism all the time

  • Forest bathing, grounding and hugging trees

  • Quick Fire Questions

  • Final words of advice - “start small and start local"


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