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Holly Budge - Adventurer & Conservationist - Summited Mt. Everest & holds 2 World Records!

Holly Budge - Adventurer & Conservationist - Summited Mt. Everest & holds 2 World Records - 1st women to Skydive Mt. Everest & raced 1000kms across Mongolia on Horseback!


Her passion for adventure is evident with two world records under her belt so far, including being the first woman to skydive Everest and race semi-wild horses 1000 kms across Mongolia in just nine days. She has raised over £300k for charities through her adventures so far.


Few people know that 96 African elephants are poached each day for their ivory. At this rate they will be extinct in the next decade. Holly has turned this disheartening statistic into a powerful and award-winning campaign, entitled 'How Many Elephants', which presents a physical commentary on the devastating impact of the elephant ivory trade.





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Show notes

  • Turing 40

  • Combining her passions

  • What life was like in her early 20s

  • How 60 seconds of pure terror changed the direction of her life

  • The boldness of youth

  • Working as a sky diving camera women

  • How her dream job changed

  • Deciding to go back to university at 24

  • Deciding a sky diving computer program and selling the company

  • Deciding to get more active in the world of adventure

  • £24,000 needed….in 9 months!

  • Falling out of the plane!

  • Dealing with the media!

  • Getting back to the UK and not having a plan

  • Dealing with the adventure blues

  • Being invited to take part in another world first expedition

  • Having 9 months to train for a 1000km horseback ride across Mongolia

  • Why it was more about the experience rather than winning

  • Being scared in the mountains

  • Putting everything into perspective

  • What a typical day was like out in Mongolia

  • Picking the craziest horses!

  • Galloping with 400 wild horses!

  • What she learned from spending time in Mongolia

  • Doing a first ascent of a mountain in Western Mongolia

  • Accidents in remote places

  • Having too much reliance on luck

  • Qualifications and experience

  • Setting up the charity - How Many Elephants

  • Going back to university to study for a Masters in Sustainable Design

  • 96 elephants poached every single day in Africa

  • Being on the front line and working with the Black Mambas

  • How she fits it all in

  • Being able to travel with work

  • Building up a team of ambassadors

  • Plans for 2019

  • Moving to New Zealand

  • What a typical day is like

  • Final words of advice - “Think Big - Dream Bigger”


Social Media


Instagram @hollybudge

How Many Elephants Campaign

Instagram - @howmanyelephants


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