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Jessica “Dixie” Mills - Thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) & the Continental Trail Divide

Jessica “Dixie” Mills - Thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) & the Continental Trail Divide (CDT) thereby completing the “triple crown” of hiking!

We first spoke with Jessica after she had successfully completed her thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2015. Since then Jessica has continued to share her backpacking and hiking advice though her website and hugely popular Youtube channel - Homemade Wanderlust (well worth checking out - over 150,000 subscribers!)

Jessica talks very openly about her dreams, doing what she loves, the challenges out on the trail as well as how she is funding her life. I am inspired by Dixie and what she has achieved and I know you will be as well. Enjoy this episode.


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Show notes

  • Getting back home after the Appalachian Trail

  • Wanting to get hiking again

  • Doing a wide variety of different jobs while growing her youtube channel

  • 2017 and doing the Pacific Crest Trail - the why and the how

  • Learning about the CDT

  • The pressure she felt at the start of the PCT and feeling so nervous about the desert and the snow

  • Gear changes and wanting to go lighter with her gear

  • Getting use to dry camping

  • Not being able to train before the PCT

  • Dealing with the desert and the first 700 miles

  • Filming on the PCT and trying to capture more of nature

  • The moment that stands out on the trail and why the bad days make the best stories

  • Loss of life on the trail

  • Crossing rivers

  • Navigation on the trail and using the Guthook App

  • Appreciating the trail but also taking time out for a family graduation

  • Getting to the end of the trail and what it felt like

  • Patreon and how patrons have helped to change her life

  • Wanting to get out on the CDT in 2018

  • Heading north bound - 3,050 miles!

  • Create your own adventure trail!

  • The challenges of the CDT

  • Food and nutrition on the trails

  • Lessons learned on the CDT

  • Taking risks doing thru hikes

  • When things don’t go to plan

  • Completing the triple crown and why it was surreal

  • Life after a thru hike

  • Future hikes and plans

  • 2019 plans with her mum on the PCT

  • Top tips for having a successful thru-hike


Read Jessica’s book! - Take A Thru-Hike: How-To Guide for Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Check out her blog -

Follow her on twitter @HomemadeWL

Watch her videos & subscribe to her Youtube channel here!


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