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Laura Gush on Running The Ironman and Marathon Des Sables with No Background in Sports

Dr Laura Gush is a patron of the Tough Girl Podcast, a member of the Tough Girl tribe and a phenomenal runner. She’s raced in The Iron Man, Marathon Des Sables and a number of ultra races and marathons.

Laura took a year off her medical career in 2015 and took that time to get her personal training qualifications and race in the Marathon Des Sables. Laura shares what she does to train for a race and how her educational perspective had an impact on her running.

We talk about how Laura got into running with no background in sports and what her future challenges will be.


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Show Notes

  • Growing up in South Wales with a musical background

  • Running in the 2008 London Marathon

  • Training for her first marathon

  • Getting shin splints and underestimating the challenge

  • Becoming like the people you’re closest to

  • Deciding to participate in The Ironman

  • Laura’s strategy for getting through The Ironman Mallorca

  • Running a marathon while feeling terrible

  • How being a doctor affects Laura’s running

  • What it felt like to be an Ironman

  • Balancing running with her medical career

  • Taking time off her career to run in the Marathon Des Sables

  • Creating her own training schedule with back to back runs

  • Running her first Ultra in the freezing cold

  • Laura’s tips and tricks for getting through a difficult race

  • Getting to the desert and getting ready before the race

  • Learning from her experience in the desert

  • Balancing holding yourself back and pushing yourself forward

  • Wanting to repeat the Marathon des Sables

  • Running the Druid Ultra and getting injured

  • Struggling with rest and recovery

  • Running a 100-mile race 6 days after the London Marathon

  • Recognising that failure makes things ok and that it’s a choice

  • Getting past the experience of giving up on a race

  • Competing in the brutal Ironman Wales in 2016

  • The highlight of the Ironman Wales

  • What Laura enjoys most about marathons and ultra

“Every time I push myself forward a little further, I realise what I can do.”

  • Laura’s race schedule for 2017 - The Boston Marathon

  • Doing things that scare you - Laura and South Africa


Social Media

Twitter - @drlauragush

Facebook - @drlgpt


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