Alex Mason - Thru-Hiker turned Ocean Rower! Rowed the Atlantic Ocean - January 2020

June 18, 2020

Alex, 36, is a multi-discipline adventurer, since 2015 she has hiked over 9,400 miles across America and New Zealand on the Pacific Crest, Appalachian and Te Araroa Trails. Alex has cycled around 4,000 miles across Australia and Indonesia, she’s also climbed up to 6,500m on Mera Peak in the Himalayas and has rowed across the English Channel. 


During this podcast Alex shares more about her most recent adventure rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. She talks about the preparation, the challenges, dealing with sea sickness and adventure blues and what she hopes to achieve in the future. 


As always Alex gives lots of practical advice and tips to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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Show Notes

  • Who is Alex

  • What adventures and challenges she's done

  • Getting the idea for rowing an ocean in 2016

  • Team mate wanted on explorers connect 

  • Dealing with doubt - can I do this….

  • Why the timing the first time wasn’t right

  • Rowing the Atlantic as a training row..

  • Signing up for 2 rows!

  • Partnering with Oxford Brooks University to continue the research 

  • Getting a taste for Ocean Rowing by rowing the English Channel

  • Dealing with injury and sea sickness…

  • Funding the rows

  • Getting sponsorship

  • Qualification and skills needed on an independent row

  • Starting rowing on the 5th January 2020

  • Final weeks of preparation

  • Starting from Lanzarote

  • Being on the Ocean!

  • The power of team work to get the boat ready

  • The realities of life on the boat

  • Being ill for the first 2 weeks with sea sickness

  • Rowing 2hrs on 2hrs off

  • Pooing and periods on the boat

  • Moving from a 4 person crew to a 3 person crew

  • The memories and moments which stand out

  • Not believing it’s been achieved

  • Dealing with adventure blues, Covid and planning for the next row

  • Changes to future plans

  • adjusting to a new normal

  • Getting a part time job with Tesco

  • Working with Jo Bradshaw 

  • Final words of advice










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Rowing - Monkey Fist Adventures - Mixed crew rowing the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in 2020 as team Brain Waves. Supporting research into Parkinson’s Disease and PTSD


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