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Milly Voice - Ultra Distance Runner & Blogger

Milly started running purely for fitness and health, it was a means to an end and she’d go out, pounding the road and the pavement but never enjoying it. But that all changed when she went off road running.

Running no longer felt like a chore or just a means to keep fit. She found a real passion and love for it.

Milly shares her story and talks about making the change to off road running and how she went from running a 10 mile fell race to a 53 km ultra race in the Alps.

During this podcast Milly also talks about:

• What fell racing is, the different types of races and how to classify them

• Navigating with a compass, following other runners and planning your own route

• Why fell running is more of a thinking race

• Why she decided to go down the ultra running route and the most impulsive thing she's ever done!

• The challenges she faced during training, from over training, to injury and training for the mountains while living in the city

• The mental preparation and strategies she used to prepare for her race

• How she coped with self doubt especially during the training period

• Dealing with the concerns of other people

• Why “time on your feet” is so important

• What she was feeling while stood on the start line and what happened during the race including her first mental battle at 15 miles

• Thinking more strategically during the race and what drove her on

• How doing her pre-race preparation of the race route helped her to finish strong

• Why she started writing a blog about running and how she wants other women to be inspired

• Future challenges for 2016

• Her ultimate running race and top tips for running off the road


The OCC Race - Orsiere, Champex and Chamonix

The UTMB - Ultra Trail Mount Blanc

Thank you so much for listening to the 30th Episode of the Tough Girl Podcast!

I can’t believe how far the Tough Girl Podcast has come since I started on Tuesday 4th August (Tough Girl Tuesday!) If you haven’t already please do go back and check out the earlier episodes, you’ll be inspired by polar explorers, swimmers, mountain climbers and ocean rowers! Which will give you the inspiration you need to set your 2016 goals!

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