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Sarah Williams - Planning and Preparation for the Pacific Coast Highway & the Baja

Tough Girl - Susie Mitchell  - How she trained thru pregnancy and won her 1st World Masters Track Championship 4 months after giving birth!


Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway & the Baja Divide!

On the 4th September I will fly out to Vancouver.

On the 10th September 2018 - I will be cycling over 4,000km down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego, before crossing the border into Mexico to cycle the Baja Divide to Cabo San Lucas.

I will be sharing all of the planning and preparation as well as daily vlogging the cycling challenge!

I can't wait to share this experience with you!

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Show notes

  • What Caroline does

  • The next challenge what it is and why I choose it!

  • How it came about

  • Getting outside my comfort zone

  • Why the timing was just perfect

  • Being inspired by Faye Shepherd

  • 10th September….

  • How do you plan for a trip like this?

  • Breaking it down and writing to do lists

  • Paying for the big ticket items

  • Equipment needs…

  • Spot Tracker….

  • Buying a tent

  • Support from the tribe with equipment

  • Training and being in recovery from the Appalachian Trail

  • Hip flexors and glutes

  • Being a blue sky thinker

  • Packing… and being more relaxed

  • Throwing in a few more luxuries

  • Not knowing how I’m going to pack stuff…

  • The bike…. needing 2 bikes…

  • Bike sponsorship….

  • Borrowing a bike and being able to post it back to LA US$90

  • Ride On

  • Buying a bike, getting a bike fit & accessories, maintenance for the bike

  • Ignorance is bliss!

  • Bike maintenance….

  • Pedals & bike loading…

  • Rucksack on my back?

  • Time pressure

  • Saddle sores

  • Self care

  • Wanting a different pace

  • Mileage and nutrition

  • 6 months to get my back balance back with nutrition

  • Not having ridden on a loaded bike before…

  • Crossing the border and why I’m a little apprehensive

  • Social events while on the road

  • Meeting up with Roz Savage - maybe?

  • The difficulties of planning while on the road

  • How much of the trip have I planned?

  • Heading to Forks…

  • Milestones…

  • Reaching LA for Halloween..

  • What I’m most looking forward to on this trip

  • Sharing my journey - “Document don’t create” (Gary Vee)

  • My two fears…. cars & guns

  • What if lists… and writing down all my fears

  • Having back up plans

  • Accommodation - Using

  • Budgeting and reducing all of my costs down

  • Needing to be sensible

  • Looking for accommodation in LA

  • What can the tough girl tribe do to support

  • Managing the business while I’m on the road

  • Designing my business so I can be on the road

  • When I’m coming back to the UK

  • Heading to India and taking a month of everything

  • Trying to be relaxed

  • The next mega milestone


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