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Annie Ross - Founder of eXerK - 52 Challenges in 52 Weeks!

Annie Ross - Founder of eXerK - 52 Challenges in 52 Weeks!

Today we’ll be talking to Annie Ross from eXerK. She set out in 2015 to complete 52 challenges in 52 weeks in an attempt to encourage busy people in and around London (maybe even the world) to make time for the things they care about – whatever it may be.

Annie has a full time job working in banking, but she was sick and tired of the lack of exercise in her life.

In December 2014 she decided to make a change and she started the eXerK project on the 1st January 2015.

During this podcast we discuss:

  • What the eXerK project is and how it came about

  • Why she kept her plans flexible and wasn’t rigid in her planning

  • Why she felt empowered by this idea and her first challenge to kick of 2015!

  • The types of challenges she decided to do from physical challenges to exploring more of London

  • Why having balance in your life is so important and just being busy is not a sign of productivity

  • How she maintained her motivation during the year

  • The challenges that pushed her, physically, mentally and the one that got away

  • Her advice about staring off with challenges and why you should start small

  • Her “walk and talk” and why she loves getting outside

  • Taking eXerK over to Europe and how she fitted challenges and adventure into long weekends

  • Her two final challenges and how she ended the year with a dance!

  • Her plans for 2016 and a few final words of wisdom that she shares about what she’s learned over the past 52 weeks


“Go on – set your goals, carve out time, be determined and just get on with it”


Other Links

Project Awesome - is a FREE fitness movement in London that gets you out of bed and into shape.


Social Media

You can check out all of the challenges that Annie has completed in 2015 on her website - you can also follow her on Twitter @exerkyourself

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I’ll be back next Tuesday for another awesome - Tough Girl Podcast episode at 7 am UK Time!


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