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Appalachian Trail - Equipment weigh in....Base weight 17.4 lbs

In order to move as quickly as I want to, I have to get my base weight down.

Ideally I was going for 15 lbs. It didn’t quick work out at that!!!

All in all, my base weight comes to 17.43 lbs which I’m ok with - I could reduce it down a little further to get bang on 17 lbs...


Base weight = Everything in your pack, but not including food or water.


I have done a separate post on the costs involved in getting to the Appalachian Trail and what I’ve spent on equipment.


Here is a breakdown of the equipment I will be taking with me, and what the weight of each item is in grams.


My heaviest items as expected are my BIG 4 - tent, backpack, sleeping bag and sleeping mat.