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How to Use Your Feminine Intuition to Travel with Aurora Wild Women of the World

Bettina Guirkinger and Kat Scriven from Aurora Wild Women of the World,  Adventuring through Africa in search of the powerful & inspiring women to share and document their stories.

Have you ever thought about using your feminine intuition as you travel the world? Whether it’s solo travel in a foreign land, an exciting adventure, or simply trying something new where you live, embracing your feminine intuition can lead to soulful experiences that you never would have found otherwise.

Bettina Guirkinger and Kat Scriven founded Aurora Wild Women of the World to search for wise women to share their stories of feminine power and inspire us to reach our full potential as women.

These empowered adventurers have much to share from their experiences including tips on solo travel, insights on utilizing feminine intuition, and how to become a part of something meaningful.

Going with the Flow & Solo Travel

For Bettina, movement is a way to explore different aspects of herself. She built a life around this in part by embarking on solo travel in places from Southeast Asia to Central America.

“You never fully travel alone,” Bettina shares. “You might get there alone, but you end up travelling with the people you meet.” Besides being aware of your surroundings, Bettina also recommends that solo female travellers be open. “Go with the flow,” she says. “You have very little control over your circumstances and who you will meet, so trust your gut.”

Kat adds, “Cultivate your feminine intuition and it will lead you to such amazing places. Engage with an open mind and heart. Allow yourself to follow what feels good.” When you go with the flow and release the strict regulations of regular life, you find freedom and spontaneity.

Learning to Trust Your Gut

As you see the outcome of what happens when you trust your intuition, you learn how to lean into it more. Bettina and Kat’s own story of meeting each other is a happy serendipity of intuition. The pair became fast friends while working on an art exhibition as part of AfrikaBurn.

Since following festivals around the world is a great passion of Kat’s, she was familiar with AfrikaBurn. But this year Kat planned to be in India. While checking out an art event in South Africa, Kat saw plans for an AfrikaBurn exhibit that caught her attention. She soon applied to be part of the team to create a tree of life structure at AfrikaBurn. “It was one of those moments of really following my gut instinct and being led to a completely different place than I expected to be,” Kat explains.

A year earlier, Bettina had been heartbroken in Cambodia when a friend invited her to AfrikaBurn. She soon fell in love with Africa and knew that going to the desert was what she needed. Bettina made the decision to come back to South Africa and participate in AfrikaBurn the following year.

Inspiring Connection and Creativity

People from around the world come to AfrikaBurn to share their skills, art, and make a contribution. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find art cars that look like giant spaceships or camps that offer rollerskating and 80s music in the middle of the desert. “The idea is to create a beautiful transitory experience,” Kat says. “At the end of the week, it’s all burnt to emphasize that life is an experience. Enjoy it all you can and let go.”

While living there for two months to create the exhibit, Bettina and Kat bonded over a full moon. The pair decided that 2018 would be the year of the Divine Feminine, a year where they would step into their power as women and inspire others to do the same.

Bettina and Kat created the concept of Aurora Wild Women of the World, combining their love of travel and empowerment. Both had always dreamed of travelling through Africa, so they made that their first mission and determined they would find women to share their inspiring stories.

Travelling with a Purpose

Bettina and Kat experienced a kind of magic being on the road. They met village women, fisher women and female entrepreneurs who introduced them to their unique lives and families.

One such woman was a shop owner who started a new life after a traumatic experience. “She was one of the most inspiring people I came across,” Kat explains. “It was her choice to create this life and she had the power to do it.”

The Aurora Wild Women of the World believe in the healing power of stories. They hope that more and more women will share their stories and inspire others to step into their divine selves.

Finding Power Within

Throughout their self-proclaimed year of the Divine Feminine, Bettina and Kat met countless women who had beautiful stories to share and learned many lessons from their experiences.

“What I find women’s greatest power to be is their incredible ability to love,” Kat says. “Women do so much for the people around them, it astounds me. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.”

For Bettina, a powerful women is “someone who is confident in their own ability and own voice.” She recognizes that women tend to be people-pleasers. “We don’t always say exactly what we mean,” Bettina explains. “We need to align with ourselves in order to do that.” Being in a feminine energy means expressing vulnerability, allowing things to flow naturally, and accepting a light, happy nature.

Bettina and Kat have so much wisdom to share from their incredible journeys! Listen to the full episode to hear everything they shared, including more on their travels throughout Africa.


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