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Dr. Megan Banker is a plus-size outdoor adventurer and chiropractor

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Megan in her own words:

“I’m Megan (she/her) and I live in Portland, OR. I’m on a mission to inspire people to live their life without limits. I want to show people that you can do, be and live however you want AND that you can change your mind about what that means any time you want. Your mind has the power to climb whatever mountains your facing and I’m here to help guide you.

I fell in love with rock and mountain climbing 4 years ago and struggled to find my place at first. Instagram played a huge role in helping me step into my power when I started following other plus size adventurers. I want to increase representation of plus size people in the outdoors, especially in leadership/guide roles. I want to see more people who look like me in marketing from outdoor gear companies. And I REALLY want to get better technical gear for bigger bodies so we can keep doing all the things outside safely (and even fashionably? What a dream).”

Dr. Megan Banker practices from a Health at Every Size model meaning she teaches her patients how to improve their health without focusing on weight. Megan is a co-founder of Climb Big, an initiative to increase representation of plus size rock climbers.

“My body is not an object for your actions or feelings to be directed.

My body is not a thing that receives action or inaction.

It does not exist for your fantasy, ridicule, attitudes, judgements, lust, admiration or hatred.

My body is a subject. It is. It does. It moves. It breathes. It experiences. It loves. It is so much more than an object.

My body is a subject.”

- Shared by Megan on IG - 3rd April 2021.

Content Warning: We talk about bullying and dieting at a young age.

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Show notes

  • 31 years old, Living in Portland, Oregon

  • Being a plus sized climber

  • Growing up in Central California

  • Being the oldest of 3 girls

  • Growing up in a bigger body

  • Starting swimming at 4 years old

  • Going to an academically intense prep school

  • Taking up rugby in college

  • Deciding to become a Doctor…

  • Reflecting back on her teenage years

  • Being put on a diet at 8 years old

  • Yo-yo dieting

  • Living in a bigger body

  • Building self confidence through sport

  • Why rugby is such an inclusive sport

  • Stepping into her power as a bigger bodied woman

  • Loving the physicality of rugby

  • Joyful movement

  • Getting into hiking in her late 20s

  • Moving to Portland after Grad School in 2015

  • Joining Meet Up to connect with others

  • Gaining new skills in climbing

  • The Mazamas 8 week Course (Portland)

  • Solo hiking and wild camping for the first time

  • The biggest challenge Megan has had to face in the outdoors

  • Being competitive with herself

  • Putting pressure on herself

  • Fat is not a feeling

  • Becoming her own best friend

  • Being kind to herself

  • Not having a good experience while Snowboarding

  • Feel the feelings

  • Balancing the stresses of life

  • Meeting husband

  • The power of role models

  • The women who inspire Megan in the climbing and hiking space

  • Unlikely Hikers - A diverse outdoor community🌲, hiking group 🥾 & podcast 🎧 for the underrepresented hiker

  • Jenny Bruso - @jennybruso

  • Sam Ortiz - @samortizphoto INFJ 🦖PlusSize Latinx Mountaineer🗻Founder of @climb.big Adventure Photographer 📸She/Her 🏕 Sharing beginner tips for new hikers

  • Mirna Valerio @themirnavator

  • What PDX stands for

  • Words she would have wanted to hear when she was younger

  • Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder

  • “Choose to be brave”


Social Media

Climb Big Website - A community for fat and plus size rock climbers. Stories, Events & Education



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