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Rosaria Barreto - Movement is Medicine - using exercise to help with clinical health conditions

Michelle Griffith-Robinson - Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal trainer and Ambassador for Diabetes UK

Rosaria “Rosie” Barreto, also known as the Vitality Coach, helps women and seniors live happier and healthier through the power of exercise! With a background in clinical exercise, she is on a mission to change the mindset from 'exercise is for active individuals' to 'exercise is also for people who struggle to move due to clinical health limitations’. Rosie runs the Vitality Hub which is a health and fitness movement encouraging people who find exercise difficult to move more, eat well and feel amazing. You can listen to Rosie on the Tough Girl Podcast - new episodes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am UK time, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out. The tough girl podcast is sponsorship and ad free thanks to the monthly financial support of patrons. To find out more about supporting your favourite podcast and becoming a patron please check out


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Show notes

  • Running a health and wellbeing business

  • Working with women and older adults

  • Running a Youtube Channel

  • Being the eldest of 9 children

  • Being a role model and encouraging others to get involved in sports

  • Wanting to work in health and wellness

  • Growing up active

  • Hating school and academics

  • Deciding what to do next

  • Her role models when growing up

  • Wanting to be a personal trainer and be self employed

  • Developing her business plan

  • Trying new things and failing

  • Dealing with personal challenges at university

  • July 2018 finding her niche in health and wellbeing

  • Moving to Kent

  • £50 p/h —->> £8 p/h

  • Building the business up

  • Needing to cover running costs

  • Taking a part time job

  • Dealing with the stresses of making a difficult decision

  • Dealing with Covid-19

  • Moving the business online

  • The reality of being self employed during 2020

  • Figuring out new technology

  • Movement is medicine

  • Helping patients

  • Wanting to encourage more people to exercise

  • Helping people to move more

  • Talking to your friends and family

  • The power of group exercise

  • Dealing with the problems of social isolation

  • Starting a new project for virtual services for older adults

  • Why movement is about having fun

  • 50 challenges in 2020

  • Final words of advice to motivate and inspire you


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