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Celeste Thompson - Fat girl who loves hiking. Inspiring people of all sizes to adventure outside.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Celeste's love for hiking began in Maui, Hawaii, following a difficult breakup. The Lahaina Trail hike was transformative and made her feel empowered.

She quickly progressed in her hiking journey and decided to share her experiences on social media. To her surprise, she inspired other plus-sized individuals to explore the outdoors.

In 2022, Celeste embarked on a mission to hike in every US state. Her dedication to this goal, despite being a non-planner, is truly inspiring. She encourages others to find gear that fits their body types and shares her inspiration from Fat Girls Hiking.

Celeste's story is a celebration of confidence and happiness found in nature.

Listen in to learn about her magical moments while hiking and her valuable advice for women seeking joy in the outdoors.

Please be aware: In this episode, there is a single use of strong language at the end.


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Show notes

  • Who is Celeste

  • Moving to Las Vegas in 2021 from California

  • Why did she move to Vegas!

  • Being born in El Salvador, Central America

  • Her love for travel and living in different places

  • Her early years

  • When her hiking journey started as an adult

  • Working at the airport in Maui, Hawaii

  • Coming out of a long relationship and feeling lonely and heart broken in 2013

  • Wanting to give hiking ago and deciding to hike the Lahaina Trail

  • Never seeing other plus sized people out hiking or represented in the media

  • Not having the right gear and running out of water

  • The challenges of descending in the dark

  • Why that hike changed her life

  • Feeling empowered

  • Progressing in her hiking journey

  • Being connected in nature and feeling happy

  • Hiking for fun

  • Wanting to move to the US mainland to pursue her passion for hiking

  • Wanting to share more of her journey on social media (2017) to document her journey for her

  • Realising that by shaken her story on social media it was encouraging more plus sized people who looked like her to get outside and give hiking ago

  • Wanting to hike in every state in the USA and starting in 2022

  • Having a new mindset and making her hiking goal a priority

  • Not being the best planner and wanting to change that

  • Finding gear to fit her body type

  • Being inspired by Summer from Fat Girls Hiking

  • Her first time going camping as an adult

  • Why you deserve to be there (in the outdoors)

  • How you can connect with and follow along with Celeste

  • Magical moments from hiking and spending time in the outdoors

  • Connecting with herself while hiking

  • Final words of advice for other women who want to experience joy in the outdoors

  • Find out what makes you confident

  • Why you deserve to be happy


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