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Cal Major - PaddleBoarder, Surfer, Environmentalist, Surfers Against Sewage Regional Rep, Vet

Hélène Rossiter - Triathlete, Runner, Explorer, Vangirl  #wherewheelsgo

Cal is a stand up paddle boarder, surfer, ocean lover and vet. Increasingly upset by the amount of plastic waste she was finding in the ocean, she wanted to connect people to the harm that it was causing, but moreover to empower people to make positive changes to help prevent it.

So she turned to adventure and in 2016 she stand up paddle boarded the entire Cornish coast in a bid to demonstrate the problems surrounding single use plastic water bottles; a 260 mile epic ocean voyage. In 2017 she circumnavigated the Isle of Skye’s 400 miles of coastline on a paddle board! Cal also has a great challenge planned for 2018 - which she will be sharing on the Tough Girl Podcast


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Show notes

  • Living by the sea and why it is everything to Cal

  • Being a surfer and a paddle boarder

  • Paddle against Plastic

  • Working as a vet part time

  • Spending time in Australia and where she learnt to surf

  • Falling in love with the sea

  • Why surfing is so frustrating & why you have to persevere

  • Being a budding surfer and why it’s doesn't matter if you’re good or not

  • Why she loves fell running over road running

  • Why she started stand up paddle boarding

  • Plastic pollution and how it impacted her personally

  • What she decided to do about it!

  • Dealing with the forces of nature and the challenges from the sea

  • The mental challenge and doing her first ever expedition

  • Deciding to paddle around the Isle of Skye in Scotland

  • Spending time alone on the water, but being alone

  • Dealing with a challenging situation while on expedition

  • Eating flapjacks in an emergency situation

  • The impact plastic has on the animals

  • Why the problems are not unique to Skye

  • Preparing for the trip, managing supplies such as food and water

  • What she learns from going on these expeditions

  • Adventuring with a purpose

  • What individuals can do to change their own personal behaviour in the battle against plastic

  • The ways to tackle plastic pollution

  • Why you should switch it out

  • The challenge in 2018!


Learn more about Cal

Twitter - @major_cal

Website & Blog - Paddle Against Plastic

Paddle Against Plastic was set up by Cal Major in 2016 as a way to reach people and talk about the issue of plastic pollution.

Paddle Against Plastic uses epic stand up paddle boarding adventures to capture peoples’ imagination, highlight the issue of plastic pollution so close to home, and to promote positive change by proposing simple solutions that we can all be proud and excited to be a part of.

Cal was unable to stand the amount of plastic washing up on her favourite surfing beaches any more without doing something about it, and so Paddle Against Plastic: Cornwall 2016 was born as a way to reach out to people.


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