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A Day on the Camino: My Typical Routine

Walking the Camino de Santiago is a deeply personal journey, shaped by individual preferences, rhythms, and experiences. While my daily routine may not mirror that of every pilgrim, I hope sharing my typical day provides insight into the diverse ways people navigate the Camino.

Morning: Rise and Shine

My day begins without the harsh jolt of an alarm clock. Instead, I wake naturally, attuned to the rhythms of my body and the rustling of fellow pilgrims in the dormitory. After tending to my morning hygiene, I swiftly pack my belongings, compressing my sleeping bag and jacket into my trusty backpack. 

I prefer to keep my routine simple, often opting to walk in the same clothes I slept in, eliminating the need for a wardrobe change.

Departure time varies but typically falls between 7 am and 8 am, a window I've found ideal for setting out on the day's journey. While some pilgrims favour predawn starts to beat the heat or cover longer distances, I relish the opportunity to witness the sunrise and immerse myself fully in the sights and sounds of the Camino.

On the Trail: Embracing the Journey

As I set off along the trail, I leave behind the distractions of podcasts and music, preferring instead to let my thoughts meander freely. This quietude allows me to reflect on the day ahead, pondering its challenges and delights. While I maintain a steady pace, I eschew lengthy breaks, preferring to nibble on snacks like apples, tangerines, or energy/chocolate bars as I walk.

My journey unfolds in stages, each marked by distance or destination. Whether aiming for a specific town or simply reaching a predetermined milestone, I find breaking the day into manageable segments helps maintain focus and motivation.

Arrival: Finding Shelter and Rest

Arriving at my nightly lodgings, whether a municipal albergue or private hostel, signals the end of my day's journey. After the formalities of check-in, I claim my bed, prioritising considerations like proximity to amenities and fellow pilgrims.

Once settled, I attend to personal tasks, such as airing out my shoes, hydrating, and connecting to Wi-Fi if available. While I may indulge in a brief afternoon nap, I prefer to reserve more extended rest for the evening, when fatigue sets in and the prospect of a full night's sleep beckons.

Evening: Nourishment and Reflection

As evening descends, I turn my attention to nourishing body and soul. While facilities vary, I make do with whatever cooking equipment is at hand, concocting simple meals from pasta, tuna, or whatever provisions I've brought along. As someone who follows a gluten-free diet, I've learned to adapt and prioritise convenience without compromising on nutrition.

With hunger sated and physical needs attended to, I engage in quiet activities like reading, social media, or connecting with fellow pilgrims. While some evenings may find me craving solitude and introspection, others are spent in lively conversation and camaraderie.

Sleeping in the Albergues: A Pilgrim's Reality

One aspect of the Camino experience that often goes unspoken is the challenge of sleeping in albergues. For those accustomed to quiet, solitary nights, adjusting to the communal living arrangements can be a significant hurdle. As a light sleeper myself, I've grappled with this aspect of the pilgrimage journey, and I know I'm not alone.

In albergues, where dormitories can house upwards of 30 to 40 pilgrims, even the most considerate of companions can't entirely eliminate noise disruptions. Snoring, in particular, tends to be a common occurrence, with older male pilgrims often being the culprits. However, snoring isn't exclusive to any one demographic, as women can also contribute to the nighttime symphony.

To mitigate these challenges, I've developed strategies to improve my chances of restful sleep. Investing in a quality eye mask and a reliable pair of earplugs has been instrumental in creating a cocoon of darkness and quiet amidst the dormitory chaos. Additionally, I've learned to embrace the afternoon nap as a way to counteract any sleep deprivation from the previous night.

In conclusion

Each pilgrim's journey on the Camino is as unique as the individual themselves. What works for me may not align with your preferences or circumstances, and that's perfectly okay. Whether you walk shorter distances, take frequent café breaks, or relish the solitude of the trail, the Camino is yours to experience in your own way.

For me, the Camino is a multifaceted adventure that fulfils my physical, emotional, and social needs. From the exhilaration of covering long distances to the simple pleasures of enjoying chocolate and afternoon naps, each day brings its own joys and challenges.

If you're considering walking the Camino but are unsure about committing to the full journey, I encourage you to explore shorter routes, such as the final hundred kilometres leading to Santiago. This shorter pilgrimage still offers the opportunity to earn your Compostela certificate while providing a taste of the Camino experience. Ultimately, whether you embark on a week-long trek or a month-long pilgrimage, the Camino has a way of leaving an indelible mark on the soul, shaping each pilgrim's journey in profound and unexpected ways.


Which aspect of a typical day on the Camino resonates with you the most?

  • Morning meditation or reflection

  • Scenic walks along ancient trails

  • Interactions with fellow pilgrims

  • Sampling local cuisine and snacks


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Buen Camino!


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