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Catherine Edsell - Expedition Leader for 20 years, most recently leading the Matriarch Adventure an

Professionally; Catherine has worked on the beaches of Costa Rica protecting leatherback sea turtles and their nests, and as a jungle guide in the Corcovado rainforest…

She held the position of Forest Operations manager for Operation Wallacea, running jungle training courses, and organising logistics for extremely remote scientific biodiversity studies in the forests, mountains and coral islands of Buton, Kabaena, and Wakatobi national park, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia...

She has trekked for 700km down the ephemeral rivers of Namibia, tracking, (and being charged by), desert elephants, whilst leading groups of 17-25 year olds...

She’s built harpy eagle hack boxes in the jungles of Belize, explored hidden sinkholes, crystal caves and Mayan ruins, performed reconnaissance trips and developed a new county project for Operation Wallacea in the cloud forests of Honduras, Central America...

Most recently, she led The Matriarch Adventure, an all-women expedition to Namibia to track desert elephants and experience true wilderness.


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Show notes

  • Being based in Kingston Upon Thames

  • How Catherine would describe herself

  • Growing up in London with 4 younger brothers

  • Being good at school, and being misguided with careers advice

  • Going to university to do humanitarians and deciding to change subject

  • Following her first passion, and starting a theatre company

  • Buying a one way ticket to Costa Rica!

  • Being caught in a landslide

  • Training to be an expedition leader

  • Why she loves being in the Jungle

  • Coming home after expeditions

  • Her first expedition heading out to Indonesia working as a jungle trainer

  • Deciding to move onto the next adventure and challenge

  • Meeting her future partner and having her first daughter

  • Underestimated the impact of having children

  • Deciding to take her children with her on adventures

  • Heading out to Thailand to work with elephants

  • Training as a Dive Master

  • Why she thinks the adventure world has opened up

  • Why she has moved into leading expeditions for women

  • The Matriarch Adventure, how it came about and what it was

  • Building a website!

  • Wanting to head back to Africa

  • Her family trip to Everest

  • Preparing the children for the trip

  • What she found most challenging about Nepal

  • Her plans for the future, which include heading off to the Maldives

  • Taking another group of women out into the wilderness in November (The Matriarch Adventure)

  • Ted Talk and a potential TV documentary

  • Working with Bex Band from

  • Going on a BIG family reunion

  • What coral bleaching is and what the impact is on the reef

  • What’s on her bucket list

  • Final words of advice and why you should go and run with your idea


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The Matriarch Adventure - Next date November


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