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Sarah Davis - Adventurer - Paddling the length of Australia's longest river, the Murray River, 2

Sarah Davis - Adventurer - Paddling the length of Australia's longest river, the Murray River, 2,500km!

Sarah decided to tackle the Murray River in her home country of Australia, less than eight months after completing the Nile expedition.

While there weren’t any hippos and crocs to deal, it wasn’t without its risks. There were snakes (and of course being Australian they were deadly), extreme weather conditions, sections with little water thanks to the drought and plenty more challenges to deal with.

In 60 days Sarah covered 2,500km.

The first four days were trekking to the source with a small team and then sticking within a stone’s throw until it was time to get in her kayak.

For the next 56 days Sarah was solo.

On 13th February 2020 Sarah reached the Southern Ocean and the end of the Murray River. It was another expedition that tested her mentally as much as physically.

Listen to Sarah as she shares more about this challenge on the Tough Girl Podcast EXTRA!


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Show notes

  • Sarah introduces herself

  • The Murray River Expedition

  • Source to Sea on each continent?

  • Wanting to do an adventure in Australia

  • The start of the River in the Snowy mountains

  • How long to plan, train and prepare…

  • Trying to write a book

  • Starting the challenge on the 16th December 2019

  • Having to get a different type of kayak

  • Figuring out how to get to the source of the Murray River!

  • Dealing with low water levels

  • Reaching the start!

  • The physical side of the challenge

  • The challenge of not making progress

  • Dealing with frustration

  • Resupply via towns every 4 days or so

  • The highlights from the river

  • Getting the time to do some deep thinking

  • Doing the challenge solo

  • Going back to uni?

  • Update on the book….fun?!

  • Having a bit of a break…

  • Thinking about an ocean row….

  • Time and money!

  • Heading to Nepal for the Annapurna base Camp Trek

  • Adventure blues?

  • Quick Fire Questions​


Social Media

Twitter - @Sarah_paddles

Youtube - @SarahDavis

For more info on Paddling the Nile


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