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Day 17-18: Moratin to El Burgo Ranero. 🥾 My Pilgrimage on the Camino Francés | Camino de Santiago 2023.

ℹ️Stats Day 17 - the official half way point

Date: Thursday 18th May

Weather: cold and dry

From: Moratin

Start time: 8.15am

To: Sahagún

End time: 10.15 - needed to wait till 10.45am to pay for the albergue and sort out the bed.

Terrain: flat, dusty gravel tracks - mainly by the road.

Accommodation: Albergue de Peregrinos Municipal Cluny.

Food: peanuts, banana 🍌 pancakes with blueberries 🫐, raspberries & strawberries 🍓with dark chocolate grated on top. Crispy chicken for a snack. 😋

🥾Miles: 8 miles

🦶Steps: 17,244

Total miles completed: 284/500

💰Costs: €7 bed, €17 food resupply = €24

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 8/10 - bed, food, wifi, afternoon nap 👍

Fatigue: 4/10 - I got hit by a wave of tiredness about 30 mins into the start of the day - so I ate food quickly and drank more water.

Ease of terrain: 1/10 - very flat walking

Challenges: I was more stressed than I wanted to be in the morning. I felt anxious walking into town that the albergue was going to be full and I’d need to do another big day of walking. I just wasn’t up for it. I hate feeling like this.

Highlights: getting into town early, being the first one at the albergue. Making delicious pancakes 🥞 😀.


ℹ️Stats - Day 18

Date: Friday 19th May

Weather: cold - blue skies - started to warm up a little later on.

From: Sahagún

Start time: 8am

To: El Burgo Ranero

End time: 12.30pm - waited for the albergue to open at 1pm - checked in by 1.50pm, eaten food by 2.30pm in bed at 2.50pm

Terrain: flat dusty gravel paths

Accommodation: albergue municipal

Food: 3x scrambled eggs, banana pancakes with raspberries & blueberries, fried egg, dark chocolate 🍫 , gluten free crackers.

🥾Miles: 13 miles

🦶Steps: 27,721

Total miles completed: 297/500

💰Costs: €0 - 🛏️ donation - I’ll pay tomorrow

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 7/10 - my cooking and food has been on point 😋

Fatigue: 4/10 - so pleased to stop walking when I did. I don’t fancy walking another 8 miles.

Ease of terrain: 1/10 - so flat

Challenges: thought I was going to have to walk another 8 miles to find accommodation. Spotted the town square and saw lots of pilgrims, so headed that way and found the albergue (which had beds for 30 - I was number 18 in the queue) that was a relief!!!

Highlights: really been thinking hard about what food I can cook/eat to make sure I’m getting enough protein and fats. I’ve created a list and am excited about food again!


Watch Vlog #9 below!



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