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Elin Haf Davies - Ocean Rower & Sailor!

Elin Haf Davies - Ocean Rower & Sailor!

Elin Haf Davies got into sports later on in life. When she moved to London, she started with rugby, and for 9 years her life was all work and rugby, until she got dropped by the rugby team and divorced. All of this happened at the same time and massively impacted on her confidence and took her to a dark place.

She decided she had to move on and change her life and this is when her love of challenges and adventures started.

During this podcast we discuss:

  • Her Inspiration - “Rowing it Alone” by Deborah Veal

  • Rowing across the Atlantic in a pair

  • Raising funds for Metabolic Research

  • How she approached the preparation for the Atlantic row

  • Not getting on at school but went back to academia to get her degree, masters and PHD.

  • Learnings from Marathon Des Sables where she failed to finish

  • Rowing across the Indian Ocean in the first female crew

  • What life was like rowing every day - sleep deprivation, rowing in shifts, the drive and motivation

  • Why you row naked!

  • Mental preparation before and during the race. - “Were the mind goes, the body follows”

  • How to deal with negative thoughts and turn them to your advantage - “Don’t let other people kill your dreams.

  • The challenges she faced rowing the Indian Ocean

  • Why she decided to sail the Pacific instead of rowing across

  • How she first started in sailing at 32

  • Tips for working in a male dominated environment

  • Advice for getting into sailing

  • Becoming a 2 handed sailor

  • Women and getting sponsorship

  • Role models for women


If you’ve enjoyed this episode then please send Elin a tweet @ElinHafDavies. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL.

New episodes are coming out every Tuesday at 7 am - Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review!

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