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Dr. Favia Dubyk - Climber. Animal Lover. Physician. American Ninja Warrior. Surviving Cancer...

Veronica Ribot de Cañales - retired diver, 3x Olympian, becoming an SUP racer and Yogi in her late 50s!

Favia is a 30 year old Pathologist living in New Mexico, she is a keen climber and has been a competitor on American Ninja Warrior!

During this podcast Favia shares more about her life, growing up with a single mum, going to Harvard University, deciding to go to medical school and what it was like being diagnosed with cancer. Favia, shares more about the challenges she faced and overcame and why climbing is such an important part of her life.

Favia gives practical advice and top tips about how to schedule your time to be efficient and, why you may have to say no. Favia talks about mental sadness, the feeling of frustration and angry while dealing with cancer and how she managed to get through the chemotherapy and the recovery process to be able to start living her life again.


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Show notes

  • Favia introduces herself

  • Her childhood and being raised by a single mum

  • Attending Harvard University

  • Going to Colombia to get her Masters and coming across rock climbing

  • Not liking climbing to start with

  • Setting the goal to go to Harvard when she was 5 years old

  • Her dream of being of Doctor

  • What life was like at Harvard

  • Deciding to give rock climbing another chance

  • Moving to Ohio and going to the rock gym to make friends

  • Being welcomed into the climbing community

  • Being scared of spider and bugs

  • Recovery tips for climbing

  • Being diagnosed with cancer

  • The cancer journey and why training as a Dr. helped to save her life

  • Not being believed by the doctors

  • Standing up for herself

  • Getting through the toughest 6 months of her life

  • Getting back into sport and climbing

  • Living minute to minute

  • Doing radiation or not?

  • Trying to get out of the house and live again

  • Dealing with the anger and frustration from her condition

  • Chaining her mental state

  • Working out her mental sadness

  • Needing a reason to not give up

  • Her reason for living

  • American Ninja Warrior

  • Learning how to schedule her time to be efficient

  • Getting fit with her husband

  • Having to get 9 hours of sleep and not getting up to early

  • Advice and tips for women who want to get into climbing

  • Advice and tips for women who are going through a tough time


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Instagram @FelineFavia


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