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Coming Soon! - FOUR MUMS IN A BOAT

A group of four working mums from Yorkshire made history and achieved their dreams, by crossing the Atlantic in 67 days and picking up a world record: the oldest women to row any ocean, all to raise money for charity and inspire others.

I spoke with two members of the crew for the Tough Girl Podcast! This episode will be coming out on 18th April at 7 am.

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Janette, Helen, Niki and Frances became friends when they joined the same Saturday morning rowing club. As they rowed Yorkshires freezing River Ouse, they dreamt of going on a life changing adventure. But with eight children between them, full-time jobs, households to run, it would be completely ridiculous, impossible, irresponsible…or would it?

Over the course of more than two months that it took to complete the race, they lost power, water, their steering and two stone. They went without washing or wearing clothes.

Four Mums in a Boat is a truly uplifting story about the power of will, friendship and stamina that will inspire anyone to take up the oars of life and get rowing toward their ambitions.


“Our story proves that, given the support of friends and family, age and responsibilities do not have to come between you and your dream. Life may not begin at forty, but an adventure of a lifetime most certainly can.”


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