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Hélène Rossiter - Triathlete, Runner, Explorer, Vangirl #wherewheelsgo

Hélène Rossiter - Triathlete, Runner, Explorer, Vangirl  #wherewheelsgo

Hélène has just come back to the UK after 18 months adventuring in her VW camper-van travelling with her bikes, and finding the best places to triathlon train in Europe! In 2016 Hélène represented Great Britain at Age Group level for the European ironman and half ironman championships in Poland and Austria, in 2017, it was Ironman Austria, where she qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii!


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Show notes

  • Deciding to go on an adventure

  • Heading to Europe to do triathlon

  • Her introduction into road cycling and swimming

  • Her first triathlon in 2004

  • How her love for triathlon evolved

  • Getting to explore the countryside

  • Joining a running club to make it more social

  • Where are all the women?

  • Why you don’t have to be amazing at it all

  • Working and training and trying to get the balance in your life

  • Deciding to do an Ironman…. with 3 months to train for it

  • Dealing with anxiety and fear before a race and why self confidence is so important

  • Being on the start line for Ironman Wales

  • Learning to not worry about the things you can’t control

  • When the gun goes off & the mass entry of 2,000 people into the water!

  • The hills on the bike and why you need to pace yourself

  • Being Celiac and how it impacts on her nutrition and training

  • #VanLife

  • Buying her van in a car auction… (Victor the van!)

  • Planning and organised and why you don’t need to play your life to have an amazing time!

  • Being a female solo traveller

  • Leaving just before Brexit! July 2016

  • Expectations verses reality

  • Getting through the tough days

  • Racing triathlon in Poland

  • Qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona!

  • 3 months…. training… and why it wasn’t all plain sailing…

  • Learning to control her emotions

  • Why the only person who is putting pressure on you is you

  • The training plan

  • Heading over to Hawaii! Feeling serene on the day

  • The aggressive start in the swim

  • Transition… and dealing with the wind

  • The mental side of triathlon

  • Plans for 2018

  • Advice for women and girls and why it wasn’t an easy decision to make

  • Being Selfish and why you should go for it!


Learn more about Hélène

Twitter - @WhereWheelsGo

Instagram - @WhereWheelsGo

Website & Blog -


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