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Tough Girl - Jacki Hill-Murphy - Author of “Adventuresses” - Traveling the world following in the fo

Tough Girl Jacki Hill-Murphy

Jacki Hill-Murphy has always been passionate about having adventures and traveling. Along the way she added her passion for learning more about the female explorers of the past, who have largely been ignored or forgotten by history.

During this podcast we get to learn more about the decisions Jacki has made on the way and how she’s followed her passions for traveling off the beaten track. We start with her first major expedition in 1988 when she traveled through Africa in a Land Rover!

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Show notes

  • The early years and were she got her love for travel and adventure

  • Discussing fond memories from Camp America!

  • Her adventure across the Sahara, the reasons behind it, how she made it happen and what she learnt about herself on the journey

  • The benefits of travel and why its always about the people and not the places

  • Isabella Godin's who was the first known woman to travel the 500 mile length of the Amazon river in a dug out canoe in 1769 and how Jacki is recreating her version of the journey

  • Learning about Mary Kingsley's and her adventures in Cameroon. In 1885 she stopped the ship she was sailing on to go and climb up Mount Cameroon!

  • Heading off to Yakutia in Siberia to learn more about Kate Marsden and the journey she took while looking for a cure for leprosy.

  • The scandal that surrounded Kate Marsden which overshadowed her achievements in crossing Siberia - “Mad, Bad or an Angel - The Story of Kate Marsden”

  • Being able to retrace the steps of Isabella Bird, and being able to compare the differences and see the changes that have taken place since the two journeys took place.

  • Having an audience with the King of Ladakh

  • Using the Valverde Map to look for the Inca Gold, which if found would be worth billions today…. It's never been found, but Jacki believes it’s out there...

  • Her future challenges!

  • What she's learnt most from the women she’s researched over the years

  • The global village and how modern technology has shrunk the world


Adventuresses, Rediscovering Daring Voyages into the Unknown

Jacki is currently writing a biography about the Victorian nurse Kate Marsden

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Jacki is on twitter @jackihillmurphy - I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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