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Jen Scotney - 36, Vegan, Ultra-runner who works as a Human Rights Lawyer.

Jen Scotney - 36, Vegan, Ultra-runner who works as a Human Rights Lawyer.

Jen has always loved to be active, from running around while growing up in the Peak District to playing football with the boys.

Leaving school, and heading off to University she was painfully shy and struggle to talk to people, however, as she was studying to be a barrister she was thrown into the deep end and worked hard to over come this. While studying and working, exercise took a back seat until she changed her life, by becoming self employed and moving away from London.

After the loss of her father and brother in quick succession she started going running as a way to deal with the pain. Although she struggles to call herself a runner, she has run multiple ultras in the country and has completed the Dig Deep Ultra, the Spine Challenge and the Northern traverse.

During this podcast Jen shared more about her passion for running, what she eats, how she trains, recovers and also gives top tips and advice for you to complete your own ultra challenge.


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Show notes

  • Why she has only just started to call herself a runner

  • Growing up in the Peak District and spending a lot of time outdoors

  • Playing sports at school, loving football and athletics

  • Getting through the awkward years at school and being the only girl playing football

  • Doing 5 years at university and how it impacted on her health and sports

  • Working as a Human Rights Lawyer

  • Her progression as a runner

  • Becoming self employed, moving back to the peak district and starting to go walking again

  • Joining a running club in the Peak District and being too scared to do any races or runs

  • Doing her first fell race

  • What she loves about running and why she has fun

  • Going on social media and being inspired by twitter

  • Losing her father and brother and going through a time of turmoil

  • Deciding to get a dog

  • 30 mile ultra! The Dig Deep Ultra and having a little wobble during the race

  • Getting nervous before races and having anxiety

  • Trying not to stress and enjoying the moments while out running

  • The Spine Challenger Race and deciding to take it more seriously

  • The technical aspects of the race

  • Blisters and feet!!

  • Being a vegan, and her diet during training, racing and recovery

  • Being anaemic and suffering from chronic fatigue

  • Using acupuncture to manage her fatigue

  • Finding out what works for you

  • The Northern Traverse Race

  • Walking the coast to coast with her mum

  • Advice and tips for other runners and why getting to the start line without being injured is so important!

  • Future races coming up


Social Media

Twitter - @jenscotney

Instagram - @jenscotney

Youtube - Northern Traverse Race Vlog 2018


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