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Nazia Khatun - An award winning fitness specialist, connecting neuroscience and fitness

Charlotte Fowles - The Executive Adventurer, solo hiking whilst on chemotherapy & crossing the Australian outback in a 4x4 truck!

Nazia has been defying stereotypes from an early age, from fitting into her role as an athlete and what would be accepted as a Bangladeshi female.

Her Story

Nazia spent most of her life trying to attain the perfect body, leaving her mentally and physically tired. Calorie counting, fad diets all saw Nazia spiral into a destructive relationship with her mind and body. Insecurities and lack of self love eventually took its toll and she faced a dark period of depression facing unwanted thoughts.

Feeling lost and confused Nazia was able to recreate herself. Fitness was the catalyst for her change throughout the years. Exercise helped her overcome her old self, fight off anxiety and fear enabling her to step into the best version of herself in every area of her life.

With an unshakeable mindset and determined not to give up she now teaches other females to overcome hard times by connecting neuroscience and fitness together.

Nazia's mission is to get females from all backgrounds to fall in love with their bodies. To inspire others to be their best self and embrace the journey. #Recreate #Rebuild #Reborn.

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Show notes

  • Who is Nazia

  • Not growing up sporty

  • Getting into fitness 8 years ago

  • Going to college and developing an eating disorder

  • Starting boxing at 21

  • Not knowing how to train

  • Being inspired by Tatiana Ali

  • Determination and not wanting to be average

  • Stepping outside her comfort zone

  • Competing in boxing

  • Being scared while boxing

  • Going through depression

  • Making a career change

  • Dealing with trauma in her life

  • Facing pressure from society

  • Looking at the psychology of human behaviour

  • Habits

  • Putting in the work every single day

  • Getting the poison out of her body and mind

  • Needing to heel the trauma

  • “I am Enough”

  • Doing mirror work

  • Ramadan and fasting for those who have an eating disorder

  • Acceptance

  • Mindset and mental resilience and feeling emotionally fragile

  • Learning how to work with her emotions

  • Signing up to climb Kilimanjaro

  • What a typical training week looks like

  • Morning rituals

  • The power of gratitude

  • Advice for women who are learning to love themselves

  • Coping with Covid

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Facebook @NaziaKhatun


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