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Laura Maisey - In September 2016, she ran from Rome to London, a journey of 1,249 miles.

Laura knew something was missing in her life, she needed a change, she needed to shake things up! After being invited to attend a new project - “Project Awesome” Laura had no idea that it would change her life and she would grow to love running, so much so she decided to run home from Rome.

This was a journey of 1,249 miles which would test her both mentally and physically. Laura has leaned a lot since she went for her first run in November 2014, she has been sharing it via her own blog as well as writing for Etch Rock, Love Her Wild and the Huffington post.

I was delighted to get Laura on to share more about how she approaches life and why it’s just about showing up and giving new things ago. This episode will inspire you to think about what you want to achieve in your life, and why you should not let anyone stop you.


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Show notes

  • Starting running 2 and half years ago

  • A mid life crisis?

  • How she came to be a runner

  • Hearing about Project Awesome!

  • Being persuaded to give it a go!

  • Showing up and giving it ago

  • Her running journey

  • Making running part of her life, by running to work (9 miles)

  • Saving money by running

  • Not being a fast runner

  • Running a marathon tomorrow with 3 weeks training

  • Why it’s easier than you think it is

  • Running home from Rome - where the idea came from

  • Reading a book by Andrew J. Sykes and being inspired by the route

  • Not having the belief that she could do it

  • Letting the idea grow

  • Why not do it all!!

  • Being inspired by Anna McNuff!

  • Wanting to feel popular at the end

  • Why long distance running is mental

  • Her mental preparation for her run

  • Taking an accidental lift

  • Her main struggle in France

  • The mental difficulty with having no mental stimulation

  • What she learnt from the experience

  • Why you don't know who you’ll be in the future

  • Why going to Project Awesome changed her

  • Her highlight from running home from Rome

  • Her life plan…

  • Why she decided to stop flaffing and plans to move to Italy

  • Her final words of advice and tips for you

  • Just do it!

  • Where she blogs:- Love Her Wild, Etch Rock, Huffington Post


Social Media

New- twitter handle @Maisey24


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