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Leanne Spencer & Antonia Bannasch - The Worlds Toughest Ski Race: The Arctic Circle Race, Greenl

Katy Willings - Chief of Adventures at The Adventurists - Competing the Rickshaw Rally and rode in the inaugural Mongol Derby, the world's longest horse race!

During this podcast we catch up with Leanne Spencer who we first spoke with in June 2018.

Since we last spoke Leanne and her partner Antonia have gone on to complete the world toughest ski race - the Arctic Circle Race in Greenland. We learn more about the reasons behind the challenge, how they trained and prepared, what it was like when they were over there, the challenges they faced, from going to the toilet to dealing with the stress and anxiety from the race. They share top tips and advice which you will be able to apply to your own personal challenge.

Leanne are Antonia are super down to earth, very friendly and have a wealth of experience to share! Enjoy! But be warned listening to this episode will encourage you to go after your own personal challenge!

Leanne Spencer

Leanne is an award-winning entrepreneur, Six Signals® Coach, double-bestselling author and TEDx Speaker. Along with Antonia, she is the co-founder of Bodyshot Performance. Leanne regularly speaks to audiences all over the UK on topics around fitness, health, wellbeing, burnout and corporate resilience. Leanne is an advocate for gender equality.

Antonia Bannasch

Antonia is a health and fitness expert and Six Signals® Coach. Antonia loves health, fitness, skiing and challenging herself. Personal interests are in supporting charities that are searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.


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Show notes

  • How the seed got planted to do the Arctic Circle Race

  • Racing in the Rat Race Coast to Coast in Scotland

  • Wanting to get away from running and cycling

  • The power of google..

  • “Let’s challenge ourselves and learn how to cross country ski!”

  • Wanting to raise funds at the same time

  • 18 months to plan and prepare

  • Learning how to ski on roller skates!

  • Feeling of fear and starting to feel uncomfortable

  • Struggling to find the hours to train during the day

  • The challenges of fundraising while running a business

  • Costs involved from doing a challenge like this

  • Antonia on fitness and how she added to her fitness routine

  • Hacking movement into their day

  • Active transport

  • Raising funds for Alzheimer's Research UK

  • Top tips for raising funds

  • Being in a partnership - the pro’s and the cons’

  • Heading over to Greenland

  • Dealing with pre race nerves

  • Race strategy and wanting to finish the race

  • Dealing with the challenges of the changing weather and trying to regulate your body temperature

  • The structure of the race and how it works

  • How do you pee?

  • Reflecting back and what was the biggest challenge that they had to overcome

  • The kindness of other people

  • Wanting to stop after day 1

  • How to cope with anxiety during an event

  • Providing emotional support for your partner during challenging times

  • Reflecting back on the challenge - the worlds toughest ski race

  • Top tips for the Arctic Circle Race

  • What was the best piece of kit?

  • Mantra’s or counting?

  • Best item of food?

  • Bodyshot Performance

  • Podcast - Remove the Guesswork

  • Next challenge for 2021 - The Iceman Polar Challenge….


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