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Lucy Barnard - Her Goal to be the first women to walk the length of the Earth! (Year 2 of the journe

Lucy Barnard - Her Goal to be the first women to walk the length of the Earth from Ushuaia Argentina, to Barrow Alaska! (Year 2 of the journey).

For the past two years Lucy and her dog Wombat have been walking in South America. Starting in Ushuaia (the southern most point) .

They started on the 19th February 2017, and have walked the entire length of Chile through Tierra del Fuago, Patagonia, the coastal wine region, and most recently the Atacama Desert.

Since then, they have continue forward with the plan to pass through the Andean Mountains of Peru, and heading towards Panama.

By the end Lucy will have travelled through 15 countries and she expects the journey to take around 5 years…. Lucy travels only by foot, or when the terrain is impassable she will kayak or swim.

Lucy is self supported, sleeps in a tent, and is responsible for navigation and logistics, all without an on-road support team. We catch up with Lucy - 2 years into her challenge!

*Just FYI - there are a few roosters making an appearance during this podcast!


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Show notes

  • Going to university and doing what was expected of her

  • Being inspired to live a different life at 33

  • What we need to know about Lucy

  • Dealing with a neurological condition - Prosopagnosia (face blindness) and being diagnosed at university

  • How she coped with the condition

  • Roosters/chickens…..

  • Staying in a hostel in Peru

  • How did she turn the dream into a reality

  • Getting to the start line

  • Dealing with a water crossing close to the start

  • Figuring out the logistics

  • Why you have to pick the people you tell what you want to do….

  • Her biggest concern before she started the walk

  • Learning Spanish

  • Let’s talk about the Money and being frugal

  • Dealing with financial stress, as the expedition goes on

  • Starting in 2017 - taking us back to the start

  • How she handles her personal safety

  • Her dog - Wombat! - Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)

  • Learning to not be polite

  • How’s she handling everything mentally

  • Walking through the night in the desert

  • How her body is coping after 2 years on the road

  • Enjoy the food!

  • Staying on trail

  • Visa’s!

  • Having to change her route in Peru

  • Quick fire questions…


Social Media

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Instagram - @tanglesandtail

Listen to Lucy on Sparta Chicks

18th March 2018

17th Feb 2019


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