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Megan Hine - Survival Expert, Expedition leader, and Adventure Catalyst.

Tough Girl - Meike Stones  “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

Megan has spent time working and living with native communities all around the world, from the San bushmen in Africa to the Sami reindeer herders in the Arctic to the Iban jungle dwellers in Borneo and many more.

Most of her expeditions involve working closely with native peoples and she always aims to support local communities where possible.

Megan’s primal drive to travel and explore means she can often be found breaking trail through waist deep snow, swinging in her hammock in the depths of a jungle or sharing stories sat around a campfire under the desert stars.

Megan’s Knowledge and skills make her a world leading expert in all aspects of remote wilderness area expeditions, survival and TV filming.

“In the wilderness the only person you are in competition with is yourself. You should constantly strive to be better, to push your own limits and explore your own relationship with the environment.”


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Show notes

  • Working in the UK - for once!

  • Growing up as the oldest of 4 children

  • Heading up Snowdon at a young age

  • Finding the Military Cadets

  • Why it was never about gender

  • Careers outside academia?

  • Taking a gap year and going back to uni

  • Travelling the world

  • Going down the mountaineering route

  • Having a love - hate relationship with the jungle

  • Running into trouble

  • Developing a coping mechanism for dealing with stressful situations

  • Getting push back on decisions

  • Being chased by Drug Cartels with AK47s

  • Connecting with local communities

  • Moving back to North Wales

  • Maintaining her fitness

  • Building in yoga and stretching

  • Where the book came from

  • The mental aspects and psychology of survival

  • What makes people resilient?

  • Advice for women trying to get into the industry

  • Do you enjoy being outside?

  • Her favourite pieces of gear

  • Plans for 2018

  • Would she leave it all for a 9 to 5 job?

  • A lifestyle or a job

  • Having a back up plan

  • Getting her dog - Tugg

  • How to get a signed copy of her book

  • Final words of advice


Learn more about Megan

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Follow on Twitter - @Meg_Hine

Instagram - @megan_hine


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