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Natalie Vie - Team USA Fencer - Rio 2016 Olympic Hopeful!

Natalie Vie - Team USA Fencer - Rio 2016 Olympic Hopeful!

We recorded this episode while Natalie was sat outside a cafe on the streets of New York & I was at sat at home in England! It was great to talk to Natalie about how she first got into fencing and how she progressed in just seven months to competing at the Junior Olympics!

She has a really insightful view point on training and what the different aspects are. It was really interesting talking about the mental side and how meditation was so important in her sport and being present, being aware and being in the moment. Lots of advice and tips that you can apply to your life, even if you don’t fence.

Natalie explains about the different types of fencing and how the scoring and competitions work. I didn’t know anything about fencing before this interview and feel as though I’ve a better understand of what’s involved. I now want to give it a go and see what it would be like to hold an epee!

Natalie is super down to earth, very friendly and loves her sport. She’s just about to start competing to secure her individual place for the Olympics in Rio.

Natalie loves Instagram and this is how I first heard of her, check out her pictures and be inspired! She writes a regular blog where she discusses her training, yoga, meditation and her life, well worth a read.

As always once you've had a chance to listen please send a tweet to Natalie @NatalieVie, I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_​GIRL letting us know what you think!


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