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Of Mountains & Men Podcast

Jon reached out to me to ask if I would like to come on his new podcast - Of Mountains & Men Podcast!

I was delighted to share more of my story with him and we discussed; the growth of the tough girl podcast, my reasons for starting the podcast, as well as how I got into running, from running the London Marathon to running the toughest footrace on earth the Marathon des Sables, we also discuss my next big challenge, thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in June!

Listen now!

Show notes

  • The Tough Girl Podcast - which is all about motivating and inspiring women and girls

  • 100th episode - coming up on the 2nd May with Cheryl Strayed

  • How it all started for me..

  • What about our female role models?

  • Where are all the women?

  • Women on the Of Mountains and Men Podcast

  • The challenges I’ve taken on

  • Running London Marathon

  • Heading off to climb Kilimanjaro in 2013

  • Spending time in South America

  • Running the Marathon des Sables in 2016

  • Why its about the journey to reach your goal

  • Why doing something you haven’t done before will help you grow your own confidence and self belief

  • Being confident

  • Dealing with the fear of failure and what other people will think of me

  • Nikki Kimble and her battle with depression

  • Why getting outside is good for you

  • Doing something that scares you

  • Why I started running

  • My journey in June!

  • The Appalachian Trail!!

  • Why 100 days…

  • 22 miles per day…

  • Trying to be relaxed and wanting to have fun

  • Waiting for my trail legs to kick in

  • Time on feet

  • No flaffing in camp

  • Eating throughout the day and having a consistent pace

  • Sleep

  • Taking time off

  • Celebrating my birthday

  • I would feel like a failure if I didn’t do it in 100 days

  • Not being able to plan for everything

  • Trying to be positive and flexible

  • Heading North

  • Can’t wait to get to the heat

  • My biggest fears… being cold and wet

  • Being use to the heat from training in Australia to running the MDS

  • Podcast episodes will be preloaded while I’m away on my hike

  • Vlogging from the trail - follow along on my Youtube channel

  • Doing batch interviews to get everything ready before my trip

  • Mentally getting myself ready before I go

  • Doing a “what if” exercise to prepare myself

  • Wanting to have fun and enjoy myself while on the trail

  • The power of keeping calm

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