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Sabrina Pace-Humpreys - Ultra runner, going from Anxiety to Accomplishment - Running the MDS

Sally Gunnell - The only woman to hold the World, Olympic, European, and Commonwealth Gold Medals at the same time!

Sabrina a 42 year young mum of 4 and grandmother of 2, comes on the Tough Girl Podcast to share more about her early life, dealing with racism from a young age, suffering from anxiety and post natal depression after her first child at 18.

Sabrina, shares more about her reasons for wanting to take on the Marathon des Sables, a challenging 250km, multi-day ultra race across the Sahara desert.

Sabrina goes into detail about planning and preparation, making the commitment to the race, dealing with anxiety during training and takes us back to the emotional moment of crossing the finish line and achieving her goal.

Sabrina also shares more on the challenges of being a mixed race woman, racialized as Black, living in a rural community and why diversifying the outdoors, and specifically the ultra running community, is so important.


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Show notes

  • Who is Sabrina

  • Growing up in Stroud

  • Not growing up sporty

  • Putting on 4 stone while pregnant

  • Getting into the gym after her first child

  • Suffering with post natal depression

  • How exercise helped

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Her goal to help 1 Million people to use their anxiety to accomplish

  • Discovering the Marathon des Sables

  • Creating a 10 step program for herself to help achieve a life changing goal

  • Celebrating her 40th birthday!!

  • Becoming very focused on her goal

  • Developing personal strategies to help manage her anxiety

  • The power of research

  • Being coached by Elisabet Barnes (Winner of MDS 2015 & 2017)

  • Getting focused and immersed in what you want to do

  • Committing to the challenge & paying money

  • Having a good support network in place

  • Choosing who is part of the inner circle

  • Anxiety and mental resilience

  • Feeling uncomfortable in her own skin

  • Training to run in sand

  • What finishing the race was like

  • Adventure blues

  • The importance of having focus

  • Rural racism and Black lives matter

  • Diversifying the outdoors


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